Emerald City Confidential 

 Emerald City Confidential
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Emerald City Confidential Stats
  • Five Intriguing Chapters full of Adventurous Fun
  • Over 50 Stunning Environments to Explore
  • All-New Characters and Familiar Faces
  • Classic Adventure Gameplay
  • From the Creators of Diner Dash

Game Description

Leave the Yellow Brick Road and discover the shadowy underbelly of Oz in Emerald City Confidential, an original adventure from the creators of Diner Dash. Petra, a Private Investigator, is tracking a missing person when she stumbles on an all-new mystery involving new friends and familiar faces including Scarecrow, Lion, and even Toto! Search the backstreets and dark alleys of the Emerald City for witnesses, suspects, and allies in an adventurous search for the truth. You've never seen Oz like this before! Featuring five puzzling chapters, Emerald City Confidential also has gorgeous graphics, a stirring storyline, and incredible fun for the whole family. Sometimes the Wizard doesn't have the answers . . . you'll have to find them yourself in Emerald City Confidential.
Genre:  ActionAdventure