Elven Mists 2 

 Elven Mists 2
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Elven Mists 2 Stats
  • Bring back light into a world of darkness in this charming Puzzle quest.
  • Use your magical powers to awaken elves over 120 enchanting levels.
  • Learn helpful spells to conjure aid when needed.
  • Use 13 different in-game items to give you waking skills a boost.
  • Enjoy elaborate graphics and rich sounds.

Game Description

Liberate a magical land from the throws of darkness in Elven Mists 2, a whimsical journey through the realm of fairies and elves.

When elves fall asleep, they require the help of an "awakener" to pull them from their slumber. Recently, more elves are falling to sleep, unable to wake up. Without them, the light of the world extinguishes and unless you can work your magic, the land will be cast in darkness forever.

Slip into the role of a young elf lad and help wake the other elves to restore the light. Play 120 levels in both story and time modes as you use your magical powers for good. Learn 10 helpful spells, use 13 different in-game objects to make the necessary "waking" connections. Enjoy elaborate graphics, rich sound and an enchanting story. Can you step up to the challenge and return the light?

Find out when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Elven Mists 2 today!
Genre:  Match 3