Elisa Cameron - Ghost
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 10
  • 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Elisa Cameron - Ghost 

Solve the mystery of Elisa's murder and protect her sister Margo in Elisa Cameron – Ghost for Mac, a mysterious supernatural story and hidden objects game. The story of Elisa's death and the supernatural quest for answers will keep you on the edge of your seat.

How did Elisa get here? Discovering that she is a ghost is the first surprise on a trail of mysteries. Courageously explore the peculiar city of Arcadia to uncover hidden objects and apply them to find the right solutions. Using your skilled analysis and keen observation, together you and Elisa will solve a variety of challenging problems in mini-games and puzzles.

Experience the supernatural mystery for yourself when you try the free trial version of Elisa Cameron - Ghost for Mac or download the full-unlimited version today!

  • Compatible with OS X 10.7
  • Solve the mystery of Elisa Cameron's murder.
  • Find hidden items and use some of them to help you with the challenges.
  • Use your acute problem-solving skills to conquer mysterious mini-games.
  • Apply your keen powers of detection to reveal all the answers.
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Reviews of Elisa Cameron - Ghost
 | Added on: May 7, 2013
i'm so sorry..........I don't often review games, but after playing hundreds of HOG, I truly found this game to be boring, extremely boring.................I wish I had something good to say about this game.......the name promised so much.......it's what got me to download..............what a depressing letdown..............i'm so sorry to say this, but that's what I felt playing the game.............I didn't want to continue............how sad............................
 | Added on: May 2, 2013
The story and opening scenes grab you as you find a "ghost" of yourself in an unfamiliar place wondering why you are there. As you go on it leaves alot to be desired. You recognize the fact you want to stop , something, and save your sister from, something, or someone, and then the story falls apart a little, or, ok, a lot. There are several hidden object scenes that are fairly easily completed and in between those a point and click grab it you may need it spot or three with a few mini games in between that are pretty easy to solve. The disjointed storyline leaves you unsatisfied and to top it all off the whole game is rather short. It is possible a first time player might like it, but then again it may just confuse and disappoint them. The story itself had promise, but in the end never made it beyond that point. Promise with little to no delivery.
 | Added on: April 27, 2013
Story line is scarce... graffics not great. Auto hint bounces you back and forth between the same scenes with no further instruction. Boring.
 | Added on: April 27, 2013
This surely isn't the worst HO game I've seen/played but it isn't the best either. Experienced HO gamers will most likely find it boring with very little challenges to keep them engaged. There are lots and lots of HO scenes and the objects are, for the most part, easy to find. There are also puzzles to be solved along the way and I found them very easy to solve. The graphics aren't bad - I've seen much worse. The voiceovers were good but I found that they weren'y syncing with the written dialogue at the top of the scenes. Sometimes they'd show up but at other times they never appeared which left me wondering if I'd missed something important. The gameplay itself is not very complicated. You are basically nudged all through the game on what to do and where to go which took the challenge out of it but for new players of HO games it might be beneficial. As other reviewers have stated, there are a lot of unanswered questions and it did seem to end rather abruptly. However, I think the developers are on the right track. The storyline intrigued me and did keep me interested for most of the game. I would not necessarily recommend purchasing it but it's worth a look on a FunPass account.
 | Added on: May 9, 2013
This an easy game with way too much cheesy dialogue! Does not come close to the quality of some of the other games I have from GH, Save your money!
 | Added on: April 24, 2013
Wasn't what I expected!! It was over way to quickly! I mean it was ok; but way to easy!!! Disappointed!!!! Not for hardcore H.O. Gamers!!! Only my opinion!
 | Added on: April 26, 2013
This game is pretty bad on so many levels. First, it leads you around by the nose. I would say it would be a good first HO game for youngsters if it weren't for the story line, which is unacceptable for young children. You must do things in a precise order or you can't advance. And it won't tell you what you missed; the game will just keep telling you to try another area until you finally find what it wants you to find. The spelling is poor throughout, and even a rudimentary student of music knows there is no 'H' key. You jump from one HO scene to the next, whether you really needed to or not. Some HO scenes do not even give you anything to add to your inventory. The minigames are quite easy, even if the directions are often less than clear. The story line is okay, but be aware that your character actually blows someone up, which made me uncomfortable. The voiceovers are tolerable; the cut scenes are not particularly well done, but they do move the story along. The game play is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Don't expect to use your brain, because there is really no opportunity to do so. I felt like the developers were saying, "Go here and do this." throughout the game. Not much fun and definitely mindless. Give this one a pass.
 | Added on: April 25, 2013
Boring storyline with no depth to the plot. HOG's at every turn which actually become annoying. No map and very clumsy feel to it. I deleted it after the first 30 mins.
 | Added on: April 24, 2013
This was a nice game for beginners. It was very easy. You do not have a choice of "casual" or "expert". I finished it in less than three hours. The game shows you exactly where your "hot spots" are. I don't know about the "hints" because it was so easy that I didn't need them. It ended rather abruptly. I might have missed an ending "cut screen" but I think I clicked and, poof, it was rolling through the credits. The story wasn't really interesting. You "wake up" to find you are "dead". Then you go through a bunch of seemingly unrelated HO scenes. I think I'm still wondering what I just played. The graphics were good, I will say that. The lead character's voice was a little distracting. Anyway, I wouldn't buy it since it's so short. If you like a very simple game that tells you exactly where to go and what to do, you will like this. I have FunPass so I wasted nothing but time.
 | Added on: April 24, 2013
I kept getting this message that I would have to change the resolution on my computer to play this game, so I did. It wasn't worth it. When I got out of the game, my computer was messed up, so I had to go back in and change the resolution again. And 15 minutes into the game, I was on my 4th hidden object scene. I know it was a HOG but there wasn't more to the game at the beginning. I kept on for a while but finally quit and didn't finish it and deleted the game. It took a very long time to load, again not worth it. Just didn't flow well and too many HO scenes.
 | Added on: April 29, 2013
I gave this game a 3 star because I think it is a wonderful start for the first time HO player. Not necessarily for children (dead bodies) but for someone who wants to try an HO game for the first time. The sparkles practically showed you where to go for every move which made is far too easy for an experienced player. Storyline was a little silly. OK, a lot silly. The game ended very abruptly, seriously, in mid-sentence. And let's not forget the repetitious phrase ... "That should do it."
 | Added on: April 26, 2013
Wow, what to say that wasn't said already? You as the main character are supposedly a ghost- only visible and can interact with things- but exactly how that's possible and whether or not you are actually "dead" is never really answered or explained. Very disappointing. In addition, I had trouble with this not fitting my screen properly- maybe I needed to change my resolution but it made finding some things and reaching the skip button difficult. So poor compatibility programming there. You didn't really have any choice of what to do, it was just "do this, this and now do this", or you couldn't do anything else until you did. You didnt get to really explore or go to new places, you just appeared there, and suddenly started new chapters in new places. Most of the game is spent collecting puzzle pieces, which end up becoming an item somehow, and like is common with other poorly written HO games, you collect them and other random items with no clue as to *why* you would need them, just some psychic intuition, I guess. It might take longer, but it makes more sense to say, "gee, I need a screwdriver", and then collect one when you "happen to" find it. The "hey I should pick up this pile of dirt for no known reason" thing really strains my suspension of disbelief! If all this isn't bad enough, besides the shocking cold blooded murder the main character does without an eye blink, when you get to the final actions, it just ENDS abruptly. They didn't bother to create any resolution scenes (let alone cut scenes) that show what happened afterwards or anything like that. Its just suddenly- credits. Unless you're really bored and in need of something not that exciting to do, I would say wait and look for something better. Hopefully the developers will improve after this.
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