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Elias the Mighty 

 Elias the Mighty
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Elias the Mighty Stats
  • Fight back scoundrels to save countrymen in this fun shape Matching adventure.
  • Play 100 levels in 16 locations as you journey through Russia.
  • Collect gems to purchase upgrades.
  • Use different power-ups to create point combinations.
  • Move swiftly to reach the target goal and defeat enemies.

Game Description

Capture a criminal and save your beloved horse in Elias the Mighty, a wonderful shape-matching adventure based on the legendary folk hero.

Old Russia is full of scoundrels and many people live in fear. Only one hero can make a stand to stop them, but when his beloved horse is captured, Elias the Mighty takes things personally. Now, he is on a mission not only to free his countrymen from the tyranny of thieves, but also to save his most prized friend.

Journey with Elias the Mighty and restore peace to his country in 100 fantastic matching levels. To defeat your enemies, you'll have to be quick to place items in the corresponding and scrolling places above. Collect gems to purchase upgrades, earn helpful power-ups, and move swiftly to reach the target score. With colorful graphics, and storyline steeped in tradition, it will feel like the next best thing to fighting alongside Elias himself!

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Genre:  Match 3