Echoes of Sorrow 2 

 Echoes of Sorrow 2
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Echoes of Sorrow 2 Stats
  • Explore 40 creatively detailed, unique locations.
  • Play 20 mini-games.
  • Solve 16 hidden object scenes.
  • Choose from two modes of difficulty: Casual or Expert.

Game Description

Your ex-husband killed your father, kidnapped your children, and shot your husband. While your husband is in a coma, use a dream machine to travel through his mind to find your children in Echoes of Sorrow 2, the thrilling hidden object adventure game.

You'll be immersed in the story from the very beginning as you learn about your ill-fated love and how your trust is broken along with your heart. What really happened the night your children were kidnapped? As you explore the world inside in your husband's head, you understand just how bleak the truth is. You will do whatever it takes to get your children back!

Experience your strength and courage as a mother on a quest when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Echoes of Sorrow 2 today!