Druid Kingdom 

 Druid Kingdom
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Druid Kingdom Stats
  • Enjoy a whimsical and engaging fantasy plot on a quest through mystical lands.
  • Work in four different fairy-tale settings.
  • Play in the environment of beautifully superb graphics and sound.
  • Challenge yourself with 21 achievements.

Game Description

Venture through the Druid Kingdom on a quest for the staff of the High Druid. Travel through mysterious lands and learn enchanting Etain's secret in the time management game Druid Kingdom from the creators of the groundbreaking My Kingdom for the Princess series.

Jack, the young heir to the throne, is feeling the weight of the world in a time of depressed economics and deterioration of his family's lands. A sorcerer visits Jack with the promise of riches and fortune in exchange for the staff of the High Druid, and sends him on his way accompanied by the beautiful and wily Etain. Accumulate and strategically manage resources, improve your workers' skills, and set new time records!

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