Dreamscapes - The Sandman 

 Dreamscapes - The Sandman
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Dreamscapes - The Sandman Stats
  • Rescue a young girl from her nightmares in this chilling hidden object adventure.
  • Stretch your imagination with incredible, haunting dream worlds.
  • Puzzle your way through a myriad of challenges to earn dozens of achievements.
  • Enjoy amazing, unique 3D cutscenes.

Game Description

Trapped by her nightmares, a young girl needs your help in Dreamscapes - The Sandman, a chilling hidden object journey through the surreal.

As a little girl, Laura was haunted by eerie dreams that dissipated once her dad gave her a dreamcatcher. Years passed without an incident but on the night of her first violin solo, a strange figure appeared and destroyed her dreamcatcher, prompting Laura to fall into a coma. To bring her back, you have volunteered for an experimental procedure that sends you into her nightmare. What will you find?

Help Laura escape her mental prison and overcome the nightmares in this chilling undertaking. Travel through her mind and figure out what keeps her captive in this state. Search for useful items, solve puzzles, and uncover answers. Only by locating all of the pieces to the dreamcatcher will you be able to understand her predicament and possibly help her. Be mindful of your surroundings however, because if you're not too careful, you might end up just as Laura.

Critics give Dreamscapes - The Sandman 4 ½ stars and call it a "haunting experience that belongs among the best titles in the PC adventure game canon." See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Dreamscapes - The Sandman today!
Genre:  Hidden Object