Dream Day True Love
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Dream Day True Love 

Follow an amazing real life romance that spans 70 years in Dream Day - True Love, a wonderful new addition to the beloved series.

Bill and Helen's romance began during World War II and blossomed into a lifetime of happiness. With their 70th wedding anniversary coming up, their son decided to commemorate the unforgettable occasion on the farm where they spent a good part of their lives. Because of your excellent work with previous weddings, he's selected you to help with the planning. Can you create the perfect event to celebrate this touching lifelong romance?

Bring this timeless tale to life in one amazing anniversary celebration. Sift through seven decades of actual photographs, letters, and keepsakes to learn the couple's amazing story. Restore and assemble photographs, collect anniversary gifts, and create special mementos in wonderful mini-games and puzzles. Explore your own path, unlock bonus backgrounds, and discover new play modes.

Critics give Dream Day - True Love 4 out of 5 stars and state, "if you're even the tiniest bit of a romantic at heart, True Love is worth a look". See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Dream Day - True Love today!

  • Enjoy a Hidden Object celebration based on a true love story spanning 70 years.
  • Discover the timeless tale as you sift through actual photographs, letters and keepsakes.
  • Restore and assemble photographs, collect anniversary gifts and create special mementos.
  • Explore your own path, unlock bonus backgrounds, and discover new play modes.
  • Play in Timed or CareFree mode.
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Reviews of Dream Day True Love
 | Added on: February 7, 2011
When I first got this I though it would be like the rest of the wedding HO games but when I saw the family name was the same as my Husbands I had to play. I would play it again. I was different from the other ones but it was great!
 | Added on: January 18, 2011
Wow! As my title says I was pleasantly surprised by this Dream Day game as I almost didn't play it as I thought it would be the same as all the others that had been released. While the Dream Day games are good games don't get me wrong but after a couple enough already especially when they don't go out of their way to spice them up a bit so to speak. Just give the game a different name. The game play is pretty much the same as the others as far as finding the items and the little blue birds, but ends there and where this game stood out at least for me and I'm also not one much for romance as I'm not this type of person and I'm usually not a story follower of games but I sure must say I did find this one pretty fascinating/intriguing that it was based on a true romance love story of the designer's of this game grandparents how they have been married for 70 YEARS. You actually get to see actual letters/photos and hear them since they talk in this game from the time they met up until their 70th anniversary. You can play this in two modes: The First Love mode while it's timed is pretty relaxing. The list of items to find is pretty standard, gives text hints and tutorials, and the hint charges up pretty quick. There's also the Soulmate mode which is also timed, less time on the clock, longer items to find list, no tutorial/text hints, harder puzzles, and the hint takes longer to charge up. If you complete the Soulmate there is also a bonus background. You do however have the option to turn off the timer on either mode. I played the Love Story mode. Haven't got to the Soulmate one yet. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I thought some of the puzzles where kinda obnoxious like trying to polish the silverware as it's VERY picky. Have to do it just so, at least for me I had a hard time with this one. Then there was a "remember the scene" type puzzles. It would give you like 10 seconds and then you have to find what is different and well my memory is about the size of a flea when it comes to this. I also thought the spot the difference got a bit repetative as I'm not a huge fan of that either. Also if you skip puzzles at least in the Love Story mode, it takes 3 minutes off your time for each one skipped. I still didn't have a problem with running out of time even though I skipped a few of the mini games. I definite recommend this one. Give it a whirl and see what you think for the story if nothing else especially if you're a romantic and even if you aren't really such as myself even I enjoyed this one. Thank you Gamehouse and the creators of this game. Awesome story and very good game and glad I got to be a part of this couple's journey of 70 years of being married cause that sure is a rarity people being together this long.
 | Added on: January 18, 2011
This Wedding game is special, it's a true story and I loved finding out about the couple!! Pretty easy HO game. Nothing different there. Main reason I liked it was the story.
 | Added on: January 10, 2011
I loved this game! The story was amazing and kept you involved! If your heart falls for true love then this game is for you. None of the mini games are hard and the HO's are pretty easy to find. Great game, worth the cost! Reading a true love story spanning 70 years is heartfelt and fun!
 | Added on: January 10, 2011
I have bought all the Dream Day series of games. This one is different. You still have to find the bluebirds, but it is more Hidden Objects to find. I did play the free trial then purchased the full game/ Some of the mini-games were frustrating because the backgrounds were busy, but you do get through them. All in all a good game.
 | Added on: January 12, 2011
Not only was the game challenging, the back story was appealing. This was well thought out. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this story!
 | Added on: January 11, 2011
I have all the Dream games and in my opinion this is the best one. You still have to find 3 little blue birds, but the storyline is interesting spanning a love story of 70 years. Mini games are fun,HOs are not that hard to find and you get plenty of hints. Play for yourself and see what you think. I am purchasing this one.
 | Added on: January 24, 2011
i found this game to be frustrating. i had difficulty finding a lot of the objects-they just didn't appear to be what they were called-had to use hints. that's ok, but the game did not engage me enuf to want to finish it. hope u like it better.
 | Added on: January 11, 2011
I wasn't looking forward to playing this game as I thought it would be overly mushy (I prefer darker games), but I'm glad I played it. It was cute and different. The mini games were good. I especially enjoyed the card games, matches, and odd-man out to name a few. I recommend this game, even with all the gush.
 | Added on: January 10, 2011
This game is for all of those who love romance. I loved it because the tyheme was written from a real couple life. Enough ! Check it out.
 | Added on: January 10, 2011
I found the mini-games a total turn off for me. You are not allowed to skip out of the mini-game if you get stuck. I spent two fruitless hours trying to find the last difference at the birth certificate mini-game. When I got to the point, that I was counting stiches in a pair of knited socks, I realized it was time to quit. Their are a number of good points to this game however, for me, they did not over come the tedium of being stuck in a meaningless mini-game. Try it you may like it but, as I play for enjoyment and relaxation, the mini-games were just too much of a turnoff for me. Have fun.
 | Added on: January 18, 2011
This game is delightful. The true story adds to the fun of finding items, completing puzzles, etc. The timing is not difficult, and the graphics are very clear. At the end, you can't help but say Ahhhh! Enjoy!
 | Added on: January 10, 2011
Being familiar with other Dream Day games, I thought I knew what to expect but when the note came up in the beginning that this story was based on fact I became more than a little intrigued. The game play itself is pretty standard stuff - HOs & mini games in timed or untimed modes, finding bluebirds to open up a bonus round, etc. However that's where all similiarties end. The game is based on the true love romance of the designer's grandparents who have been married for 70 years. All of the stories, photographs, and letters are real. You make the journey with them over their 70 years together and this is the first game where I could have cared less about finding objects or playing mini games. I needed to keep going through all of those just so I could find out more about this incredible couple and their life together. The length of the game is very good & I couldn't stop playing until I got to their 70th anniversary party - which took me an entire afternoon of gameplay. I would absolutely recommend this one if for nothing else than the incredible story that goes along with it.
 | Added on: January 10, 2011
What fun! Not too easy and hard enough where I did use a few hints. Graphics great. Story line great. Mini-games easy but some took some thought to solve. Hints came up fairly quickly, and there were some walkthroughs if I got stuck.
 | Added on: February 19, 2012
I've only tried a couple of Dream Day games, and they differ in quality. What drew me to this one was the 70th anniversary and true-life romance of the game designer's grandparents, with real love letters, photos, and mementos. What a lovely tribute to create for one's grandparents, and it's a really nice game, too. Graphics are well done, and the hidden objects are intriguing, but not impossible. I always enjoy finding the three bluebirds in each scene that add extra hints. And the mini-puzzles had some real thought and creativity behind them, although finding the hidden flowers in the flower shop could be challenging. But the story behind the flower shop was absolutely lovely. A must-play game for anyone with romance in their soul.
 | Added on: January 13, 2011
Similar to the other dream day games but with an endearing twist. The HOG aspect is hard enough but not too hard. Hints fill up rapidly enough for me. The mini-games are challenging enough without being absurd. I haven't play the second aspect of it but I'll start that soon. Well worth my time.
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