Dream Chronicles 3 - The Chosen Child
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Dream Chronicles 3 - The Chosen Child 

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The long-awaited third chapter of Dream Chronicles is here! The latest in this successful hidden object series has yet another amazing story for you. Our heroine Faye has lost her memory, but luckily her dreams are there to help her. Search for the truth while enjoying beautifully designed surroundings and enchanting music. Download Dream Chronicles 3 Deluxe now!

  • enchanting visuals and music
  • travel between worlds with the Nexus, a new feature
  • use the Crystal Ball and Dream Journal for updates and clues
  • an excellent combination of hidden object and puzzle gameplay!
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Reviews of Dream Chronicles 3 - The Chosen Child
 | Added on: June 6, 2009
just love this series and looking forward to next one?
 | Added on: May 26, 2009
I love these games but when you get stuck there's no hints, which can make it very frustrating to play!
 | Added on: October 29, 2009
This one rally makes you think and challenges you every step of the way. If you like a challenge, like me, then this is the game for you. Good Luck and have fun.
 | Added on: March 30, 2010
The entire Dream Chronicles series has been enjoyable. A lot of thought went into the game, including graphics, music, puzzles, playability, etc. Faye is still looking for her daughter, who was taken by the Fairy Queen, Lilith. Find objects to help you meet your goal and along the way, there are plenty of challenging puzzles (not too difficult) to keep you interested and wanting to come back for more. Fun, fun fun! This game has a colorful fantasy look about it, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves this type of game!
 | Added on: August 26, 2010
I would have to say that this game is really challenging and keeps you interested. The only problem that I had was once I beat the game, and used the same profile, there would be one plate missing then I couldn't move on.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
Fun game, interesting puzzles, good story line, great graphics.
 | Added on: March 22, 2010
A great game if you like to solve problems, as well as find hidden objects. Requires some brain skills but is not frustrating. Can't wait for the next one to come out! Addictive game!
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
Excellent storyline with challenging hidden object areas. This game is a must buy and is my personal favorite of the Dream Chronicles series. Keep it up!
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
I was truly disappointed -- no challenge at all, tiresome repetition, way too short with an abrupt ending that might (?) leave you wanting DC 4. Yes, artwork is higher resolution than the previous 2 Dream Chronicles, and is to be appreciated. But, there wasn't much "game" in the game. I liked DC 1, looked forward to and was challenged by DC 2, assumed the third would be even more so. It was not. Some players have said they finished it in 2 hours. Time does play in your point score which you can post universally on line. I didn't want to race through the game just for that, but it was over in an evening's time. As I said, the artwork is high quality, but the "game" was more like an interactive story book than like a mystery to be solved.
 | Added on: June 26, 2009
These are my favorite types of HOG (Hidden Object Games). More of a Point Click game. So much to do and look for, lots of challenges. Hard maze puzzle. No hint system. If you can't find something, just keep looking. The graphics are great. But the game is just too short. Over all a wonderful game!
 | Added on: July 31, 2009
I would like to echo what other reviewers wrote. It is a beautiful and original game. But it is way too short for me to be worth the price. Also, it's not a game you can play more than once.
 | Added on: October 19, 2009
One of the best games. Completing each step just makes you want to get to the next one to see what happens. Some items are hard to find, but, when you fine them, you can't believe you missed them! Recommend this for all ages.
 | Added on: June 19, 2009
The beautiful graphics make this game a very pleasurable experience. The play is challenging but not to difficult. Not playing against a clock means you can take your time and enjoy every detail. A wonderful sequel to a great game.
 | Added on: June 3, 2009
I had to use a walkthrough to get through this game. However, I thought it was great and quite fun. I've since played the other two and enjoyed those as well. I think there will be another game in this series as the ending seemed to imply that it's not the end of the story.
 | Added on: June 9, 2009
makes you think outside the box, really like this series.
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
A lovely, creative, fantasy game that keeps one entertained and thinking for hours. I ran into a problem toward the end, when I accidentally clicked too soon and Lilith would not give me the recipe she was supposed to give me. I still cannot figure out whether there is a fix, but I will replay it anyway. Just beware and hold your clicks while there is dialogue or you might miss something. :)
 | Added on: June 6, 2009
I am stuck in the foyer of the house. I am supposed to look in the book on the table in the kitchen, but it is dark and I can't seem to do anything there. I cannot find anything more to do in the foyer, and when I go back through the Nexus puzzle I cannot do anything around the tree house. I am stuck and I think this has been a total waste of my time. Not at all enjoyable. Very frustrating.
 | Added on: January 11, 2010
I enjoyed this equally as much as the original Dream Chronicles, though it's probably a little more involved than the first. I think I actually resorted to walkthroughs to get clues to a couple of the puzzles. Its difficult not to lose yourself in the story and you don't necessarily need to have prior knowledge of characters from other games in the series. If you were ever a fan of Myst, enjoy using logic to problem solve or have a weakness for fantasy storylines and intricate game graphics, you'll definitely get something out of this game. Personally I love these problem solving puzzle games, the only real minus is they end too quickly and they have no real replayability -- but I do note that in this game upon playing a second time using the same name, some of the items are in different locations.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
I don't know what the other reviewers were raving about. Without clues I found this game extremely difficult to the point I quit after a while. I couldn't find anything and was having to click every inch of the screen to find what was needed - not fun. There are no hints even to tell you what you are supposed to be looking for. When I needed the scarecrow's hat and clicked on everything around with no luck I just gave up. It's no fun to stop and keep having to refer to a Walkthrough to get through a game. I'm experienced at these games but this one wasn't up my alley.
 | Added on: June 16, 2009
finding the gemstones is very difficult, very hard to see; lack of hints doesn't help; but I keep going back trying to find them...
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