Dragon Keeper 2 

 Dragon Keeper 2
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Dragon Keeper 2 Stats
  • Compatible with OS X 10.7
  • Enlist the dragons once again in this wonderful Time Management challenge.
  • Breed, feed, and take care of baby dragons to earn their help.
  • Collect gems and money to forge into powerful magical jewelry.
  • Hire odd characters for help and expand the caves with new dragons.

Game Description

Save the prince from an old hag's vengeful curse in Dragon Keeper 2 for Mac, a marvelous sequel to the hit game.

Life in the kingdom returned to normal after the prince defeated the evil witch with the help of mystical dragons. In time however, the witch hatched a new plot and ensnared the prince, turning him into a goldfish. Now it's up to the princess to stop the witch and save her prince. To do so, she will have to call on her magical friends once again.

Travel back to the wondrous caves and enlist the help of the dragons. Breed, feed and take care of their young while fighting off bandits. In return for your help, they will provide you with beautiful gems that can be forged into powerful magical jewelry. Expand the caves with new dragons, learn to wield dragon spells, and hire a variety of odd beings to help. In time, you will gain enough wisdom to take care of the witch and her curse once and for all.

Critics give Dragon Keeper 2 four stars calling it "a cute, colorful, yet serious challenge." See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Dragon Keeper 2 for Mac today!