Dragon Crossroads
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
  • Uninstall instructions
Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Dragon Crossroads 

Help a hero save the day for his kingdom in Dragon Crossroads Deluxe, a wonderful resource management game with a fantasy twist. An evil magician invades a peaceful realm and leaves a path of destruction in his wake after he steals a dragon's baby. Leave it to one young man who sets out to reclaim the kingdom, rebuild the land, and rescue the newborn dragon.

  • restore a kingdom from a wizard's wrath in this colourful time management game
  • remove obstacles, gather materials, and build villages in 50 outstanding levels
  • watch out for ogres, goblins, bandits and more on your quest
  • upgrade structures to help with more supplies
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Reviews of Dragon Crossroads
 | Added on: December 22, 2012
This game was fun, but much too easy. It is was not challenging at all. I finished all levels as expert in about 2 hours.
 | Added on: March 6, 2013
Game was easy to play, although there were a couple of levels I was not able to get gold because to much clicking. Simple storyline and game was easy to follow. Something different on every level.
 | Added on: December 22, 2012
I absoluttely adored this TM game. Reminded me of others that I know wont have anymore parts and it had a refreshing new twist/storyline. I 100% recommend this game. Great job Alawar!
 | Added on: May 29, 2013
Had a lot of fun playing this one. The story is engaging, the little characters are cute and move so fast to do your bidding! Depending on how quickly you get your strategy set and put your little workers into motion to complete the level you are awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal for your efforts. That is the draw of replay as of course competitively you want the gold. Heroic music accompanies each level and you are encouraged onward by the leader of these manic little men whizzing around to set everything aright. Not a difficult game, but definitely fun.
 | Added on: December 22, 2012
For those of us who are TM addicted don't bother with this game. It is far to easy. I love a TM challenge where I can not make gold on the first try of every level. I finished this game with gold every level in one afternoon. I think I only re-played 3 levels to get gold level. Perhaps it would be a good starter game for those who want to see what TM games are all about or a good kids game. The graphics are great and it would be a terrific game if it just wasn't so easy to beat.
 | Added on: December 19, 2012
This is a resource management game with the same game mechanics as My Kingdom for the Princess or Island Tribe. The graphics are bright and engaging and the story line is fine. The controls are somewhat clunky, despite being able to line up multiple tasks. This is mainly because it is difficult to see what is needed to complete a task. If you hoover your cursor over a hole in the road, for example, it will show you that you need so much food and stone to complete it. However, it doesn't always display what is needed the first time you hoover the cursor, and if you click on a task that you don't have the resources to complete it merely shows an "X" instead of telling what is needed. While this is a minor problem, it keeps the game from running as smoothly as it could, and it is certainly not as smooth as other games in the genre. On the whole, while it has all the basic elements of a good resource management game, the stilted game play and it's overall inexplicable lack of charm makes this just an average game.
 | Added on: December 22, 2012
I was very excited when I saw this game and the screenshots so I installed immediately. I was first surprised at how cheaply the game looked, then when I began to play I expected some type of trial's and tribulation's to make it more challenging but sadly I did not. It was the same thing through every level & every single level was SO easy, too easy to enjoy.. I finished with all gold on every level.. I'm thinking, well at least hoping, this game was meant more for a child.. If you have ever played a resource TM type game before you too will know what I am talking about. It's the same thing, level after level.. The scene is different (maybe) is all. This game was boring and too easy for me and I do enjoy at least a bit of a challenge but I saw none whatsoever
 | Added on: December 21, 2012
love the graphics in this game. the music is gr8. like that you can assign tasks in advance. enjoy watching the workers work-chop wood, tend the garden, fight the bandits, mine the stone...fun game...
 | Added on: January 4, 2013
I love the pace at which you can play this game. This game is very clicky as it is meant to be. I like clicking as fast as I can to complete the task at hand to remove obstructions, build homes and businesses and collect rents. I have found it to be a very refreshing break from the usual HO games I play. I have games that I play in between HO games that offer a nice change/challenge before going back to HO games. I would recommend this one VERY MUCH for that purpose. I can promise you will like it!
 | Added on: December 19, 2012
well yet another super game from alawar, i didnt think there would be any more tm games,so i am so pleased they are back. the graphics and defintinition are superb.i like that i can forward click every move, fast paced but good fun,i would definately recommend this game to everyone,suitable for all ages.at the moment i have only played halfway through,but stopped so i can save for later. this is the sort of game that can be played over and over,really pleased to see tm back,fed up with al the ho games.wellill get back now and play some more.
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