Dora Saves the Snow Princess
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 128 MB Ram
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Dora Saves the Snow Princess 

Rescue the Snowy Forest from a mean witch in Dora Saves the Snow Princess, a colorful game for kids of all ages.

A witch put a spell on the magical Snowy Forest and now it is starting to melt. Only the Snow Princess can reverse the curse, but first she needs to be rescued as well. Grab your gloves and hat then join Dora and her friends on this fantastic adventure through a winter wonderland.

Follow along with Dora, Boots, Swiper, and Pirate Piggy as they travel this enchanted land. Meet fantastic new friends as you paddle a canoe, steer a dogsled, ride the winged horse Pegasus, and more on your adventure. With hidden clickables, fun mini-games, and amazing rewards, playing and learning throughout this snow-filled world will be so much fun.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Dora Saves the Snow Princess today!

  • Travel on a snow-filled adventure with Dora, Boots, Swiper, and Pirate Piggy.
  • Help them rescue the Snow Princess and save the Snowy Forest from a witch.
  • Meet fantastic new friends as you paddle a canoe, steer a dogsled, and ride Pegasus.
  • Locate hidden clickable areas and play fun mini-games.
  • Enjoy learning with your friends and earn amazing rewards.
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Reviews of Dora Saves the Snow Princess
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
The game description sounds far more exciting that it actually is. The intrepid Dora works her way through just four short, simple scenarios to save the snow princess. The task which leads to saving the princess is to click on Dora to change her t-shirt and shorts to a princess dress and crown. (I said simple, right?) Graphics are decent but not anything special. Players win snow crystals for completing tasks, which surprisingly, look nothing like crystals. The artist dropped the ball on that one. I think preschoolers might find this interesting the first time. But the game is the same each time through, so once the child knows the storyline and activities, I doubt there would be much replay interest. The mini puzzles are just a repeat of activities from the game, so nothing new there. As to be expected with a computer game, there is a lot of eye-hand coordination skill required. Parents, play the trial first before buying. Better, let your child test-ride the trial.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
Nickelodeon says the game is for kids of all ages. No, it is for young kids. Everything is spoken so even kids who can't read yet can follow along, and the tasks are ultra simple. So is the story. Great for the youngsters--having fun while learning a bit. Also, if you are an English/Spanish household, the little ones will delight in hearing the simple Spanish that is tossed in every now and then. If yours in an English only household, this is a good chance for the children to learn some basic Spanish. Good game. iUno, dos, tres, vámonos!
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