Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom!
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 128 MB Ram
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Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom! 

Bring color back to a magical world in Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom, a fantastic new adventure for Dora and Boots.

The Crystal Kingdom is starting to lose its color because a greedy King has taken all of the beautiful crystals that make it colorful. Help Dora and Boots, along with their new friend Allie, travel through a storybook world and find those crystals before it's too late!

Visit Dragon Land to defeat the dragon, go to Butterfly Cave and free a giant caterpillar, and then travel to Cloud Castle and help Enrique the magician find his missing bunnies. When you've collected all the crystals, there's just one more, but you'll have to defeat the greedy King using your super color recognition skills! Each amazing episode helps with literacy, numeracy, pattern recognition, shape recognition, and hand/eye coordination. So what are you waiting for?

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom, and recolor the Crystal Kingdom today!

  • Join Dora and Boots on a colorful new adventure.
  • Collect all of the missing crystals to restore the color of Crystal Kingdom.
  • Defeat a dragon, free a giant caterpillar, and find magical bunnies.
  • Unlock mini-games and win wonderful prizes.
  • Learn while you play including numbers, colors and Spanish.
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Reviews of Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom!
 | Added on: January 17, 2012
I've checked out several of the Dora games, and I'd call this the best adventure so far. The premise is that the colorful crystal kingdom has become a faded, pastel kingdom because the four color crystals have been taken by the king. (Since you would presume the king owns the treasures of his kingdom, that doesn't make sense, but hey, this is a kids' game.) Dora's adventure is to find three of the crystals, while practicing her letters, colors, numbers/counting, musical note recognition, shapes recognition, and other skills. To win the final crystal, Dora and the king have a battle of the magic wands. As the fire of the king's wand changes color, the player clicks on a colored wand to match it. It's a very cool concept, even for us grown-up folks. And then the player gets to click on the four crystals -- blue, yellow, green, and red -- and turn the grayed-out kingdom into a brilliant, technicolor one. Magic again! I played through the easy version, and was impressed with the interesting variety of challenges. The hard option essentially gives you a second game to play as the child gets older or better at the game. Graphics and colors are marvelous, as is the storyline and activities. My only criticism is that there is no option to turn the music down or off, and sometimes the music competed with Dora's voice, making it hard to hear the instructions. Game designers -- please allow an option to turn off the music. For children with ADD, hearing difficulties, or other issues, loud background music can make it difficult to play the game.
 | Added on: April 7, 2011
I gave this one 3 stars but really it's more 3 and a half. It's not the worst kid's game ever but it could have been a lot better. My granddaughter is 2 1/2 and loves Dora. She is capable of "point and click" moves (sometimes with a little help) but as this game was aimed at a little higher age, it was one I played with her. The graphics are okay. My granddaughter especially loved it when Dora would say "Whee!" when she'd nab a jewel. I was AWFUL at the old Mario Bros video game back in the 80's when those first came out (jumping from level to level to get coins/jewels/whatnot) and I discovered this defect on my part had not changed, lol. Not the game's fault--mine! Still, it was just one part of a mostly enjoyable experience. I would set the age range as 3-5 years old. Some of the games are colors and shapes, while others are phonics, which was a little over my granddaughter's level. It's definitely point and click, not just "click anywhere" as in some other toddler/preschooler games. My biggest gripe was that there was little to connect this story to the show on television. You could play being Dora or Boots, but those characters never interacted with each other. And where was backpack and map?? And Swiper? For me, those were glaring errors and made the game less enjoyable for my granddaughter. If you have FunPass, it's definitely worth playing. If not, try before you buy and see what your own child thinks of it.
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