Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery 

 Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery
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Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery Stats
  • Discover what dreams hide in this tantalizing Hidden Object adventure.
  • Visit eerie worlds never imagined with the help of a psychiatrist.
  • Search multiple scenes and solve challenging puzzles.
  • Use tools to dig deeper and uncover the truth.
  • Show your expertise and unlock bonus scenes.

Game Description

Take a vision quest with Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery, and discover places you've never imagined.

Lately, Dominic has experienced a series of recurring dreams about places he's never been to before. Increasingly becoming stranger and more dangerous, he doesn't know what to make of them. He finally decides to visit a psychiatrist to help him figure out these visions, but little does he realize that he's about to uncover something darker.

Travel through the eerie worlds of Dominic's dreamscape to unlock the mystery behind these dreams. Navigate through a maze of strange scenes searching through objects for the keys. Use tools to dig deeper, solve challenging puzzles to discover clues, and find yourself in places never imagined. What mysteries do his dreams hide?

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