Dominic Crane 2 - Dark Mystery Revealed 

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Dominic Crane 2 - Dark Mystery Revealed Stats
  • Take a bewildering trip through the depths of the mind in this Hidden Object sequel.
  • Visit remarkable worlds to learn about strange messages from beyond.
  • Search beautiful interconnected scenes to solve challenging puzzles.
  • Locate tools to discover clues and play unique mini-games.

Game Description

Discover shadowy messages buried deep in the subconscious with Dominic Crane 2 - Dark Mystery Revealed, an unearthly seek-and-find search.

Dominic is once again having strange recurring dreams, this time about his long lost sister. The odd thing about his dreams is that his sister is older, though he lost her while she was still quite young. What could she be trying to communicate and why does she appear different from what Dominic remembers? With the help of his psychiatrist, Dominic is once again on a surreal search for answers.

Take a bewildering trip with Dominic once again and help him piece together this message from the world beyond. Navigate through a maze of mesmerizing scenes and search for scrolls that hold the key to his questions. Locate tools to unravel puzzles, play challenging mini-games to discover clues, and find yourself in places where you can hardly believe your eyes.

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Genre:  Hidden Object