Diner Mania
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Diner Mania 

Run your own diner. Please the desirable clientele and shoo away the gangsters. It's your business to manage it all in Diner Mania, a time management game where not all customers are treated equally.

Not only are you responsible for making your restaurants inviting and comfortable, but the quality of the food and service are in your hands as well. Your performance will determine the mood of your patrons which in turn determines how successful you are. Keep your eye on the finances, the inventory, and the pleasure of your patrons to guide your actions and decisions.

The world is your oyster and you decide what's on the menu when you play the free trial version or download the full-version of Diner Mania today!

  • Manger 4 restaurant types: Italian, Fast Food, Café, and Chinese.
  • Choose from more than 100 items to purchase or improve.
  • Prepare and serve more than 50 different dishes.
  • Enjoy a virtually unlimited number of levels.
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Reviews of Diner Mania
 | Added on: November 28, 2015
just like the title says, it's a good simple game. I feel sorry for the bikers though!!
 | Added on: March 25, 2014
Actually enjoyed the game and would of given more stars If it had been longer. Way to short! Yes it's a clicky game but that's usually the case with these sort of games. I'm not too disappointed that I bought the game but I'll most likely not purchase, if they come out with another game from Diner Mania and it is this short. By the way, I did seriously think about giving 3 stars but I really enjoyed what there was of the game..
 | Added on: March 10, 2014
I'm a big fan of games like the Dash, Cake, and Delicious series. This one has a little bit of a twist to its style. In this game, you have a cook and a waitress. You have ovens, and side dishes. As you progress through each cafe, you can upgrade the building with new tables, chairs, decorations, entrees, ovens, snacks, and beverages. What makes this game different is the types of customers you serve. Most of the customers are regular people who just want to eat or drink. There are Gangsters who also come to your cafe. They are all dressed like motorcycle riders with leather coats. So far through the levels I have only had up to 4 total gangsters enter during a business day. You are supposed to add pepper to their order, which makes them mad and they leave. All other customers are supposed to be served normally as they request their food. I have not tried to give the gangster his exact order yet, so I'm not sure what happens if you do. I have accidentally given him what he's asked and it's kept his "Happy Meter" green, but then the next order I added pepper. Between levels, you have to purchase more side dishes (max 10 each), but everything else is free. A special pepper can be purchased as well, which makes a Gangster leave immediately (if their happiness level is green, it will take more regular peppers to make them mad). Each type of Diner has its own Special Entree, which can only be acquired by playing a mini-game. The amount of Entrees you acquire depends on your speed in the mini-game. I have only seen two games so far: A generic Match-3 game and a generic Pick-2 game. In the Match-3, you play it like normal Match-3s where you pick one tile and then pick an adjacent tile to switch those tiles creating 3 or more like tiles in a row or column. The ingredients to the Entree are in the top right corner, so you want to try to make matches in order, or they won't count. Make as many Entrees as possible before the time ends. In the Pick-2 game, a small set of tiles will appear and you have to quickly click 2 matching tiles according to the ingredient list in the corner to make as many Entrees as possible before the time ends. Every so often a customer will request an item you have not yet purchased or upgraded to. In that event, they will leave the Diner. It hasn't seemed to affect anything other than losing money for their patronage. Unlike most other Diner games, your waitress cannot hold more than one item, unless the item has a side-dish request, or if you're adding pepper to it. Customers also don't just ask for one or two things. They may ask for multiple Entrees, beverages, or snacks. They are chosen at random, and always 1 order at a time. You can seat anybody at any seat, even occupied tables with open seats. You can seat Gangsters with Regulars as well, with no deductions. I try to keep Gangsters at their own table to help me keep track of which ones I have to add pepper to, but it doesn't matter how you do it. In later levels, you sometimes have to seat Gangsters with Regulars because there may be no other seats available. As you progress and upgrade your Diner, it does start to get a little hectic and can become confusing. You can click in advance, but there are no indications (like check marks) reminding you of where you have already clicked. It does rattle the brain a little, but I like the challenge. It hasn't been extremely challenging like Diner Dash can get. Also, I haven't noticed any bonuses for clicking certain things in a row, since you can only do 1 thing at a time. The icons above your ovens, displays, and beverages will animate, reminding you what you need to pick, but it doesn't stop animating until after your waitress takes the item, so when you click in advance, you may sometimes think you still need to click it. Also discarding items doesn't cost money or cause you to lose anything else. For me, it hasn't been ridiculously hectic and I have only lost 1 customer, but it definitely can get confusing. All in all, I like it. It's right up my alley. It helps to keep my memory sharp when my Diner is upgraded.
 | Added on: March 10, 2014
Has many upgrades for the menu. Graphic are so-so as in the food is hard to decipher but the upside to this problem is that, when a person orders, the appliance blinks. Storyline is funky. All in all, it is a tm (time management) game as in not letting the customer get angry and leave. There is no time limit for the day.
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