Digby's Donuts 

 Digby's Donuts
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Digby's Donuts Stats
  • Unlimited Play
  • Two Exciting Game Modes: Franchise and Arcade
  • Beautiful Full Screen Graphics
  • In-Game Hints and Tips
  • Challenging Bonus Rounds

Game Description

Digby's donuts are so good, he can't get them to the counter before they're snatched up. As Digby's new employee it's your job to catch the donuts when they come fresh out of the oven, and stack them in the display counter. Stack them in groups of three by frosting color and they'll disappear down the customer's throats, earning you big tips. Winner of the first ever RealOne Arcade Game Showdown, Digby's Donuts is a deliciously addictive (and non-fattening) treat for the whole family!