Detective Agency 

 Detective Agency
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Detective Agency Stats
  • Intriguing hidden object whodunit
  • Multiple city locations to search
  • Compelling storyline
  • Fantastic full-screen graphics
  • Hours of hidden object fun

Game Description

Uncover the truth about a stolen map and a secret treasure in Detective Agency, a thrilling hidden object whodunit. James is just beginning his career as a Private Investigator and, so far, his cases have been easy to solve and not very exciting. But, when the editor of the local paper gives him a tip about the theft of an ancient map from the town museum, James embarks on an eye-opening search for hidden clues and lost secrets. Help James collect evidence and track down the culprit by solving a series of hidden object challenges, puzzles, and mini-games. What secrets does the map hold and who is behind this new mystery? Try the free demo version, or play the full unlimited version and join the Detective Agency for hours of hidden object fun.
Genre:  Hidden Object