Deep Sea Tycoon 

 Deep Sea Tycoon
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Deep Sea Tycoon Stats
  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • Extensive Tutorial to Get You Started
  • 5 Unique Game Modes
  • Over 100 Buildings to Construct and Maintain
  • Undersea Dangers, including Giant Squid, Sinking Ships, Toxic Dumping and More

Game Description

Dive in to your own undersea kingdom in this unique and exciting sim. The uncharted depths of the oceans are yours to create and run a vast kingdom. Tap black gold as a ruthless oil tycoon. Scour the seabeds as an adventurous treasure hunter. Or, create harmony with the sea life as an eco-friendly animal lover. Either way, the destiny of the oceans and its inhabitants is in your hands. An intense, thrilling, and even surprising experience, Deep Sea Tycoon will keep you glued to your seat as you watch your own world come to life.
Genre:  Action