Dark Parables 2 - The Exiled Prince
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Dark Parables 2 - The Exiled Prince 

The classic fable comes to life with unexpected results in Dark Parables - The Exiled Prince Deluxe, a fabulous search for the truth. A fable from many centuries ago tells that a princess kissed a frog and transformed him into a handsome prince. Unlike the tale however, they never ended happily ever after. Rumors swirl that the Frog Prince is still alive and now roams a path in the Black Forest.

  • enjoy a fairytale storyline
  • search for the mysterious Frog Prince
  • find a missing daughter in the forest
  • escape traps and solve challenging puzzles
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Reviews of Dark Parables 2 - The Exiled Prince
 | Added on: January 4, 2013
It was worth buying. It took longer than most recent games to solve.
 | Added on: January 15, 2013
When you say "parables" it usually implies a hidden teaching in the story but The Exiled Prince teaches nothing except throwing together in a big flowery jeweled basket all the fairy tale princesses which we know so well. It does not do justice to any of them as they all have their own unique story to tell. This is really very "cheesy" and makes no sense at all. Granted the graphics are intricate, colorful and detailed, it cannot make up for the very poor plot and keeping the detective running around in circles looking for keys, vases, and frogs. I played the whole game as I wanted to see how bad it could get and am truly disappointed. Blue Tea Games need to rethink their strategy about these games, looking at a pretty face after a long time is pretty empty stuff. More imagination, better storyline and less repetitive actions are recommended.
 | Added on: December 28, 2012
Very nice looking game with a good pace. The only thing I didn't like was the excessive back and forth through the land, especially since you couldn't skip from place to place on the map (which in itself can be unclear and a little confusing). Some of the HOS were quite tough, with some of the objects being quite different from the picture depicted. Probably won't play it through a second time, even though it's supposed to be a tougher game on the second go round. But certainly glad I played it through the once.
 | Added on: December 23, 2012
Graphics were beautiful. HO scenes consisted of looking for fragmented to complete 3 more fragmented pieces which, when completed, became a whole object in your inventory. Needless to say, these were not always so easy. I had to use the hint button often. You had a map which showed you where you were, HO scenes to investigate and points of interest that would open an HO scene. Towards the end of the game nothing showed on the map. You had to read the objective and look at the area you needed to be in, but it really didn't show you where it was. Game took longer than it really needed to be just because you landed up covering ALL areas just to find a task. Mini games were very difficult because the instructions were very vague. I skipped more than I would have liked to. Anyway, I enjoyed and I hope you will too.
 | Added on: December 28, 2012
I just got done playing and it took me two days to finish. It was that addicting. great job!
 | Added on: December 28, 2012
Graphics: The scenes are beautiful and clear. However, the cut scenes and HO are very blurry. Many items in HO are supremely small, blurry, and even change colors, which really strained my eyes out. -.-! Music: okay Story: somewhat interesting development, pretty predictable ending, but promise another game. And I have to comment that's some bad luck prince, getting 2 curses O_o, like 1 isn't enough ^o^ Game play: Fine, but a lot of back and forth. Hint is absolutely useless outside HO. The map shows the HO, but to collect evidence to unlock new HO, a task must be done first. If you can't figure it out, google for guide ^-^. Most mini-games are in average to hard level. There were 1 or 2 I couldn't figure it out, I think it's the picture arrangement, so thanks the walkthrough for that ^^! The extra scene that is unlocked after finishing game somewhat disappointed me, I expected a little more ^^. Conclusion: Well, it's still a good game to play.
 | Added on: January 1, 2013
Exiled has a cute plot, the puzzles throughout the game are fun ones. FROG games, however, are more annoying than entertaining. Does have a rapid hint recharge, but doesn't compensate for seeking wood slivers. Would have rated 5, if hadn't decided it wasn't worth the FROG to save the frog.
 | Added on: January 2, 2013
this game has an awesome story and is so much fun. i loved that there are other stories involved in the game. very awesome. i'm hoping to get the full version soon.
 | Added on: December 24, 2012
Probably the most visually beautiful game I've played. Graphics are stunningly vibrant with bold colors & detail. HOG's are unique in that they're not a list of things to find but a list of shapes to find that combine into a needed item in the story. Lots of different venues to see. A visual feast and fun game at the same time. Wish more games were done of this way. Unique story line made me think I had frogs watching my every move. I'd settle for fewer of good quality than the hoards of mediocre ones we get. Now on to play the "hard mode" which I believe will be a new adventure.
 | Added on: March 17, 2013
I haven't enjoyed a HO this much since Brier Rose. I'm so glad I bought it. Can't wait for the next Dark Parable. This game was really long and a good value. The graphics were beautiful and the music enchanting. I highly recommend. When you finish, it also will switch you to hard mode so you can do it again without the hints if you wish.
 | Added on: April 11, 2013
I think that they actually made the game much harder than the original, but some players may like that. The only problem I had was the lack of helpful direction if you're stuck. Your hint button will not work outside of HO and puzzles, and the "Objective Hint" is usually something that you already know and therefore isn't helpful. It was pretty good (even though I had to wait so long for it, Gamehouse! It's been out for a few years >.<). Hearing the voice of Oscar from the Dorian Gray Syndrome was a little weird coming from the prince, though. All in all, I really want to play the Snow Queen one that comes after this.
 | Added on: January 14, 2013
Not the best game for me - or for anyone else I would imagine. I never found a cohesive story line - you had different stories alluded to with the different princesses and then the modern Chancelor's daughter?? what was that about? The hidden objects were the same all over this game - you either put together a crown or flower vase and ran all over the map in a repetative fashion. Even the music was a repeat. I did like the original parable, briar rose, but this was awful. I just finished it so I could the most out of my purchase.
 | Added on: December 24, 2012
 | Added on: December 31, 2012
I enjoyed this game. I have been disappointed lately with the choices of games. But this was was worth my fun ticket. The HO items were hard to see at times as they were not always the same color but only used hint few times. Puzzles were not too hard. Resorted to walkthrough once or twice but that was because I was being lazy. ALso once game is finished, it has a hard mode for replay. I recommend this game if you enjoy HO games.
 | Added on: December 28, 2012
I enjoyed the different HOS although it was very hard to find some of the pieces, they were in different colors than depicted and most were VERY well hidden. The plot line was good, and graphics gorgeous. I found getting around a little annoying, and the map is not a lot of help. Mini games had limited explanation and were pretty much figure-it-out. I was disappointed that some parts never were finished - the crown on the cave frog, the door in the room with the big roots growing up to the ceiling. Perhaps they were for a bonus game. The usual wrap-it-up-too-fast disappointing ending. So few endings have the oomph of the rest of the game and I'd love to see developers start focusing on that. It was time consuming and generally quite intriguing.
 | Added on: February 2, 2013
I really enjoyed playing The Exiled Prince. Like the other game in the series, The Curse of Briar Rose the game is based on classic fairy tales but with a unique twist. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is engaging and fun. I also like the fact that it isn't too easy, I am often annoyed by HO games being way too easy! There are several other games in the Dark Parables line that aren't on Gamehouse - I hope they will be adding them soon.
 | Added on: February 26, 2013
This game COULD'VE been perfect. The ONLY issue I had was that during the HO scenes, you had to search for pieces of an object. That's one of my least favorite types of HO. The graphics were so pretty that it kept me from uninstalling it as soon as I saw you weren't searching for objects, but pieces.
 | Added on: March 8, 2013
I haven't finished the game yet but have enjoyed it so far. It isn't too easy or too difficult. The puzzles are fun and some are a bit challenging. I would definitely recommend this game.
 | Added on: December 26, 2012
This is a lovely game. The scenes are beautifully drawn, and the graphics are excellent. The HO scenes are somewhat difficult in spots, as some of the items are very small and not the same color as depicted in the pictures. There is a hint button available in the normal mode, but it takes a long time to recharge. The puzzles would have been less difficult if the directions were clearer, but they can all be solved with a bit (or maybe a lot) of patience. There is a map that tells you where you are and tells you where there are hidden object scenes to complete. But the map is no help if you have missed picking up something important that was not part of an HO scene. You just have to keep revisiting scenes until you find what you missed. There is no help system, but there is a walkthrough available on another site. The biggest frustration for me was not being able to click on the map and go to that area. This story line is all over the place, and I found myself going from one end to the other. The map is divided into four areas, so you can't see all of it at once. And getting around can be tedious. This is a beautiful game, but there is room for improvement. There is nothing here that would preclude pre-teens from playing, but it is more difficult than your normal HOG.
 | Added on: December 31, 2012
I enjoyed this sequel...and look forward to the next. The back and forth was minimal and there were no hints as to which items went where. Made you think rather than rely on the hint button. The map wasn't oriented the way you would first think but works well once you adjust. Nice game.
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