Dark Angels - Masquerade of Shadows 

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Dark Angels - Masquerade of Shadows Stats
  • Enjoy nonstop, rich interactivity.
  • Explore a variety of stunning modern and medieval locations.
  • Collect 30 achievements.
  • Solve curious puzzles and mini-games.

Game Description

Join Kate Evans in the fight to save mankind from demonic forces as part of a secret order of female warriors. Learn to use the Chakram to defeat evil, solve puzzles, and travel back in time to the early days of the order in the unique, action film-style hidden object adventure Dark Angels – Masquerade of Shadows.

Kate has been haunted by nightmares in which she sees her mother's death at the hands of a terrifying monster. A psychologist explains to Kate that her nightmares are simply memories of a burglar that Kate's mind has turned into something horrific. However, Kate knows better. She soon discovers that she's an initiate in a secret society of warrior women. It's time to kick butt!

Step into the powerful role of Kate Evans and be ready to eradicate evil when you play the free trial version of Dark Angel – Masquerade Shadow today!
Genre:  Hidden Object