Crystals of Time 

 Crystals of Time
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Crystals of Time Stats
  • Explore mysterious locations, peculiar hidden object scenes, and solve creative puzzles.
  • Enjoy 80 detailed, hand-drawn scenes.
  • Travel through time and use the skills of a stealthy theif.
  • Choose your level of challenge from two modes of play: Normal or Hard.

Game Description

Three Oak Mansion is hiding something and the disappearance of a professional thief is held within its secrets. In Crystals of Time, a winding hidden object adventure full of intrigue and mystery, play the role of Ashley Ford and find your missing father.

You've learned the tricks of the trade from your father – you can track down what you need while staying under the radar of the authorities. You know your father was trying to sneak into Three Oak Mansion the night he disappeared, so this is the natural place to start. Use your mysterious crystal to travel through time and trace the clues that will lead you on an amazing adventure.

Be bold and creative when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Crystals of Time today!
Genre:  Hidden Object