Cruel Games - Red Riding Hood 

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Cruel Games - Red Riding Hood Stats
  • Stop a maniac with twisted thoughts in this chilling Hidden Object rescue.
  • Save your fiancé before he meets his fate at the hands of the big bad wolf.
  • Use your resourcefulness to locate clues and items in eerie locations.
  • Decipher ambiguous puzzles standing as obstacles to safety.
  • This game is intended for mature audiences.

Game Description

The big bad wolf is more real than you think in Cruel Games - Red Riding Hood, a twisted take on that classic tale.

A maniac has kidnapped your fiancé and cast you as Red Riding Hood in his twisted fairytale fantasy. Your beloved is being held at a local cemetery, but first you'll have to overcome the madman's many obstacles full of disturbing dangers, including his unnerving role as the wolf. Will you be able to put an end to his game?

Find out as you track down this lunatic and figure out how to save your fiancé. Use your resourcefulness to locate clues and helpful items in dark and eerie locations. Decipher the ambiguous puzzles that lie between you and your beloved. In his world where you have little to no control, you will need to figure out how to stop the big bad wolf. Remember, your fiancés life hangs in the balance.

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Genre:  Hidden Object