Cooking Academy 2
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Cooking Academy 2 

Prepare new kinds of food and learn a few secrets to use in your own kitchen in Cooking Academy 2 Deluxe! Join the esteemed instructors at the World Culinary Workshop for an adventure in a global kitchen. Make your way through 60 different recipes including Chinese BBQ Pork Buns, Mexican Tamales, Japanese Sushi and American Hot Dogs. Enroll today!

  • 60 unique recipes to make
  • master the cuisine of 8 countries
  • 50 different cooking challenges
  • earn special achievement trophies
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Reviews of Cooking Academy 2
 | Added on: January 8, 2016
this game is verry good for kid and thanks for game house to coming in world
 | Added on: August 22, 2012
This is definitely a fun game. I give it 7 out of 10, like the first game with a revamp.
 | Added on: August 3, 2011
I usually don't mind games like this but O-M-G. I HATE that you can't cut up things the way YOU want to. You have to do it the way the GAME wants you to. Also when you have to spin the bowls for whatever, it is also very annoying because if you don't have your cursor exactly on that line it won't turn for you. I gave up as I became very frustrated. HORRIBLE game (and I usually don't say that about games on here). =(
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
The game’s vivid colors made an initial positive impact on me. The music on the screen where you select a building to enter sounds like cool jazz from a moog synthesizer (it’s pleasant, though, with my headphones on). That same screen is animated with tiny townspeople jogging or strolling along the streets, so even when you are not actively playing, the game’s interesting to watch. This game reminds me of a mini game in Desperate Housewives: The Game when you were required to fix a meal for your family at least once a day. In Cooking Academy 2, you are competing against other students (though not directly) to receive the grand prize of $1,000,000 (you’re supposed to use it to start up your own eatery). The real competition, though, is against yourself as you try to beat the clock to prepare a meal perfectly. I hate timed games, but the timer is only for bonus points. Further, you are allowed to retry recipes if at first you don’t succeed. You are even allowed to practice the various steps (you get to choose which step you’re having difficulty with or even practice all the stages if you wish). Therefore, it’s difficult not to achieve 5 stars on a meal unless you are simply too anxious to proceed to the next recipe. You can continue to the next stage in a recipe despite having received a poor score in previous stage, if you so desire (but WHY settle for mediocrity when there’s so much pretend $$ riding on your success?).
 | Added on: June 29, 2011
This is quite a fun game for all ages. it can be challenging as you have to do things within a certain amount of time but it is enjoyable fun. Very easy to understand and learn. I have windows 7 and it doesnt show this in the system requirements but my game works great so far. I would defineately recommend this game.
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
My kids (12 yr old boy and an 8 yr old girl) really enjoy this game and I (43 yr old mom) do as well. It's one of the more fun, and more original, games I've purchased on game house.
 | Added on: December 1, 2010
This is truly an amazing game. Great fun for kids and adults alike. In this game you explore cuisine from all over the world and make over 60 taste tantalizing recipes. The music was brilliantly made to match the countries you are cooking and the designs are picture perfect. I have made over different names on the game so I can keep playing just because it is so addictive. I strongly recommend this game to both people who love to cook and to those wishing to find a great game. I hope someday soon a cooking academy 3 is made but until then have a great time with 1 and 2!
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