Coconut Queen 

 Coconut Queen
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Coconut Queen Stats
  • Soak up the sun and build your own tropical paradise
  • Find yourself the Queen amongst brawny native gents
  • Save a beautiful island in this delightful resource management adventure
  • Construct cabanas, water parks and restaurants to bring in the tourists
  • Landscape with beautiful trees, salvage buildings and train natives

Game Description

The call of white sandy beaches and clear blue water beckons you in Coconut Queen!

Lui Lui is a beautiful tropical island in the Pacific filled with sun-drenched coastlines and floral air. Owned by the CoCoCo corporation, it's fruit supply is dwindling and you are there to fix it. However, now you find yourself as the only female in the company of brawny native gents and have been declared the island's queen! As the ruler, how can you keep the natives happy while maintaining the island profitable for the company? Re-invent Lui Lui into a relaxing tourist locale of course!

Build and customize your own paradise resort throughout several beautiful locations on Lui Lui. Construct cabanas, water parks and restaurants to bring in the tourists. Landscape with beautiful trees, salvage old buildings and train more natives to keep the island flourishing. But beware, because disaster can also strike at anytime in the form of monsoons and angry monkeys!

Try the free trial version of Coconut Queen or download the full-unlimited version and find out today why critics are calling it "an ambitious, humorous and wonderful game, which is worth a try for every gamer"!