Christmas Wonderland
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Christmas Wonderland 

Help Santa Claus find all of the scattered toys in Christmas Wonderland, a happy holiday treat for the entire family.

Santa is preparing for the big day but all of the toys are scattered. Help him find everything he needs to make this special day come true for all boys and girls, and while you're at it, collect all of the missing pieces from the 12 Days of Christmas.

Visit Santa's Workshop, the reindeer stables, and more as you search for all of the fun items. In between levels, you can also play captivating mini-games such as Spot-the-Difference, Jigsaw Puzzles, and more. It's a wonderful holiday treat for everyone.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Christmas Wonderland today!

  • Get into the Christmas spirit with this superb Hidden Object extravaganza.
  • Visit Santa's Workshop, the reindeer stables, and more.
  • Play fun mini-games including Spot-the-Difference and Jigsaw Puzzles.
  • Collect all of the special objects that make up the 12 days of Christmas.
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Reviews of Christmas Wonderland
 | Added on: December 15, 2011
The grafics on this games are very good. It is geared more for children. The story line is good and it seems to easy to find what you need to find no going back and forth. It is a great game for children.
 | Added on: December 14, 2011
I enjoyed playing this game. The scenes are good and not overly cluttered. Hints charge very fast. Mini games are fun and not too difficult. Music is ok but I wish it was more Christmas music. Thanks for this nice game for Christmas I will be replaying it and I know my grandkids will love it
 | Added on: December 15, 2011
The graphics are great, the objects relatively easy to identify with out the need for using the "Hint" function, and the puzzles are appropriate for the intended audience. In a few scenes the HO are located in the darker part of the back ground making them almost impossible to find but, the "Hint" function recharges very quickly. This is a short game, as I completed the game in less than an hour. I found this to be a fun game for experienced gamers and I believe that children who enjoy HOG games will enjoy this game.
 | Added on: December 16, 2011
Lovely graphics, peaceful music, wonderful Christmas-themed game. Hints load quickly, items pretty easy to find. Very relaxing game.
 | Added on: December 19, 2012
I found this game to be enjoyable. None of the levels were very difficult and hint button filled quickly if you needed help. There was no timer- so very relaxing and there wasn't any penalty for miss clicking. This is a very kid friendly game. Great fun druing the Christmas season.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
Very simplistic. Scenes had confusing items. "Raygun" looked like a toy train, "find 2 stars" when there were several, music was like being in an elevator during the holiday season, annoying music. I love the simple games but this was too simple, so simple that it was annoying and I finished it (not sure how I sat through it) in 2 hours.
 | Added on: December 15, 2011
cute game. easy. great 4 kids. the graphics made it fairly easy to find the items. i have to say i really loved the music. it was very relaxing and Christmasy w/out being cheesy. good one to play w/ my neice and nephews.
 | Added on: December 28, 2012
Objects were easy to find which makes it good for younger kids, however for HO fans it is too easy. I had finished the entire game during the trial period WITH time to spare.
 | Added on: December 16, 2011
This game would be a great buy for the computer game kids. They would love looking for the hidden toys and things for Santa to deliver and the family would love the Christmas music. Graphics and art are very colorful and detailed.
 | Added on: December 25, 2011
Being an elderly kid myself (ahem) I enjoyed playing this lovely, easy, relaxing holiday themed game. Kids will love it.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
Cute story, nice graphics, relaxing music and easy to find hidden objects with simple mini-games thrown in. Kids will like the happy holiday theme of this game, and so will adults if they just want to spend some time finding things without pulling their hair out wondering where to go next--Santa has things under navigational control. The 12-days of christmas is a fun twist. Worthy download indeed.
 | Added on: December 16, 2011
I think this is a family oriented game that appeals to all age groups. As a bonus it gives you something to enjoy during the holiday season that doesn't take days to complete. I love the 12 Days of Christmas theme.
 | Added on: December 15, 2011
I found this game to be bright and colorful. Most of the items were very easy to find and the story line is sweet. Even though I only played the trial, that was long enough to let me know this game is better suited for someone that just started playing HO games.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
This game was a good thinking game for my boys. The puzzles were the ones they got stuck on but they work together and found the items they needed. A good wholesome game. Keep up the good work. I will make sure I tell some of my friends to go online and try this game with their kids, Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Anita
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
A fun, fresh HO game based upon the 12 Days of Christmas. The hidden objects are decently-sized, and for the most part, are easy to identify but not necessarily easy to find. You have to look closely: some HOs may be a silhouette on a wall or a reflection in a window. Adds some challenge! Each HO scene also includes a few representatives from the 12 Days of Christmas song, for example a "drummer drumming" or a "golden ring." A drop-down chart automatically keeps a tally as you find the entire complement of the song. Kids will enjoy watching the animated elves making toys in Santa's workshop. I did, too.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
This was a lovely game to relax an hour or two away. I went all the way through it (I think) and I was in the church. I had all my items for the 12 days of Christmas and all I needed I assume to finish the game was a candy cane. I could not find it so used the hint button. Nothing, It filled up and I tried again. Nothing. I did this at least 5 times and gave up. Sooooooo....a lovely game but I hate not finishing them.
 | Added on: July 5, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this game! It was 105 degrees where I am today and I played this game this afternoon. It is easy, making it a good kids game, but a great adult game for a relaxing and enjoyable play. It has beautiful scenery and truly depicts Christmas. I also appreciated the ending in that it reminds us about the true meaning of Christmas. A really nice game!
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
This game was really a lot of fun, and I think kids would really enjoy the theme and helping Santa. I found it to be quite relaxing after a difficult day at work. The music was relaxing, even though it was a tad bit repetitive. Overall, this was a fun game if you are looking for something light, or something to play with the kids.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
What a lovely way to pass some time for gamers of all ages! I think very young children would need some help as some of the items are not named correctly, but that is a minor problem. I liked the theme and the building towards the true meaning of Christmas.
 | Added on: December 14, 2011
I highly recommend this as an excellent game for children. The graphics are very good and the HO scenes are not overly cluttered. There are mini games (jigsaw puzzles, find the differences, matching pairs, etc.) that are geared toward children so they shouldn't find them too difficult to solve but if they get stuck there is a skip option. Hints are unlimited and recharge within 10-15 seconds. Gameplay consists of finding all of the items in the 12 Days of Christmas which are hidden in the HO scenes over several chapters. (This gained a star for originality.) The HO lists are also geared toward children (candy canes, snowflakes, cars, baseballs, dolls, etc.) and they shouldn't have much trouble finding them with a little patience (some of the items get smaller and farther away in the last few chapters). The length of the game is decent but I don't see much replay value in it since the items remain the same from game to game. I enjoyed playing this one (took me about 1 1/2 hours to go through it) so I'm betting children will love it. It's absolutely worth taking a look at.
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