Chocolatier® - Decadence by Design™ 

 Chocolatier® - Decadence by Design™
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Chocolatier® - Decadence by Design™ Stats
  • Create Your Very Own Unique Chocolate Treats
  • Help the Baumeister's Expand Into the Coffee Market
  • Discover 20 Ports and All-New Ingredients
  • Climb the Baumeister Corporate Ladder and Become CEO
  • Sequel to Chocolatier and Chocolatier 2 - Secret Ingredients

Game Description

Develop your own collection of chocolate creations in Chocolatier(R) - Decadence by Design(TM), the latest chapter in the continuing saga of the Baumeister family and their quest to spread sweetness around the globe! In the first Chocolatier game to put you in charge, we catch up with the Baumeisters just after World War II. Determined to discover the whereabouts of missing husband, Alex Tangye, granddaughter of Evangeline Baumeister, has left you in charge. Travel the world, collect rare ingredients, turn them into mouth-watering treats, and sell them in local sweet shops. Visit the Secret Lab and use your ingredients to create your own confections with the look and name of your choice! Chocolatier(R) - Decadence by Design(TM) is a delightful adventure for the whole family.
Genre:  Action