Chloe's Dream Resort
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Chloe's Dream Resort 

Help weary workers relax and unwind after a hard day's work in Chloe's Dream Resort Deluxe, an enterprising adventure through dreamtime. Chloe never thought she would spend endless days and nights behind the desk of a cubicle. As she sleeps, she hardly rests because something strange is happening at the Dream Land Resorts, the getaways where people go to relax while they are asleep.

  • restore resorts for a good night's sleep in this entertaining time management escapade
  • fix them up and scare away pesky monsters in 60 fun challenges
  • cater to customers and help them ski, surf, dance, and more
  • unlock dazzling wallpapers to save to your desktop
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Reviews of Chloe's Dream Resort
 | Added on: July 28, 2015
the story line is cute and neat and the clouds made with good vibes instead of water makes me laugh,....its fun....kind of boring after a while
 | Added on: August 25, 2011
I have really enjoyed playing this game. Some levels are hard to get expert on the first try but you can go back through and replay.
 | Added on: September 28, 2011
From the very beginning with this game, your hooked. It doesn't just keep being redundant either with each passing level. The challenges between levels are fun all by themselves. I think I have played this game over 12 times from beginning to end and I have never done that with any other game, and I am still hooked. I love the way you can buy improvements and it's up to you which one you buy depending on what you save. You don't have to pick the easiest first or the obvious. It changes the game each time. I find myself going back and replaying every level I didn't get Expert on, too. It's just a lot of fun for any age.
 | Added on: November 25, 2011
I love this game and have played it through 3 times now. I have taken a break away from the game between plays so not to get too bored with it and I still have problems reaching expert on some levels when I do come back. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel!
 | Added on: August 25, 2012
Unlike most time management games you have to click and drop every single customer on everything which will leave you with more of a "I'm glad that's over with" feeling. This game also has very little story line to keep you into the game. The reason I rated it so challenging is because it challenged my mouse and that made a lot of levels impossible to get expert on.
 | Added on: March 4, 2012
I love this game because of the infinite combinations of the upgrades chosen changes each step of every level - that is why this game is addictive! This game is fun when I play without trying to upgrade or reach Expert. This game is a challenge when I play to obtain every upgrade and reach Expert. I hope there will be another Chloe adventure in the near future!
 | Added on: August 5, 2011
The character's and graphic's looked a bit cheap as far as quality but the game was a great concept.. VERY different FINALLY.. I wished there had been better and more upgrades and that it had lasted longer.. SO glad I am an "Unlimited Pass" member.. Wouldn't buy it.. TOO short but great for the entire family to enjoy !!!!
 | Added on: July 15, 2011
I love time management games, and this one had me completely hooked! The story is cute, the characters are fun to watch, and the activities involved are just different enough in each level to stay interesting while not changing so much to become too challenging. While the first few levels might be a bit easy the final few took me several tries to get Expert. This was a very fun game!
 | Added on: August 11, 2011
This game gets better as you move through the "resorts". At first I thought it wouldn't be a challenge - wrong! The 5th resort makes you work for the Expert rating. I liked the changes from resort to resort which prevented monotony from setting in. A big plus is that if you go back to a level that you didn't get Expert (say you are on level11 and 8 is the one you missed), the design lets you keep the powerups/improvements you bought from the levels in between. Well Done!
 | Added on: February 22, 2012
I went into this thinking I would play a few minutes, then quit. Not so! What a fun little game! The graphics are good and smooth, game play is fairly fast but not impossible to reach expert. It is very clicky as most dash type games are. Guests in the lodge require different actions to make them happy, such as hot tub time, ski time, serving food and sitting by the fire. There is the occasional monster popping up that you have to click to banish so they won't frighten your guests. Very fun game. :)
 | Added on: August 31, 2011
till you get to the last two places and then it is hard to get expert on. I missed expert on most of those levels, but completed the game just a few minutes ago. The last levels you have to click a lot so your dream doesn't turn into a nightmare and wait on customers at the same time.
 | Added on: August 24, 2011
I think this would've been a fun game had it not locked up so many times. I would click on an action and it would do something completely different. For example, when I would click on the drink icon, the cook would make a bowl of soup. Also, I would click on one of the guest to have an item delivered, and the host wouldn't move. I think for it to be such and interactive game, the refresh rate should be able to keep up with the amount of clicking around you have to do.
 | Added on: August 8, 2011
I liked it's old fashioned graphics, and the concept was engaging. Also thought it was pretty funny at times. My only complaint is that I thought it was a little too short, but I'm hoping for a sequal anyway.
 | Added on: July 15, 2011
I don't know if the developers meant this to be reminiscent of some of the first TM games out there, but it has old-fashioned qualities that are actually quite fun because the game runs 21st century smooth. It's got a variety of resorts that, no surprise, Chloe starts with limited equipment and upgrades from there. The venues are different enough, and seasonal, to keep the game interesting even though the play maneuvers are essentially the same. You've got to move very, very fast to keep up with the characters and keep your eyes moving fast too. There are monsters that pop up occasionally and you have to zap them or they'll do nasty things to your customers, and birds flying overhead can cause a real mess as can overly zealous winds and stuff. Just click your people to clean them up, no problem. The characters are also the fastest clothes changers in history, or close to it. The drawings are cartoonish and the music is yesteryear. The sound effects are hollow chings and clunks which make you wonder who didn't move out of the 20th century until you realize that the sound effects complement everything else old-fashioned about this game. It's worth a download. It's not too hard to get expert if you miss it the first or second time you play a level. But if you want to keep going and go back for experts later, that works too. Each level is really short, so if you get bored, it's not long until you're at the next one.
 | Added on: August 15, 2011
old fashioned have played much better time mgmt games - Emily's Adventures
 | Added on: July 21, 2011
Being a fan of Delicious and Diner Dash, I really enjoyed the different "dream" settings that could be somewhat surreal. The upgrade/expansion games were fun and varied. I recommend the game to anyone who enjoys time management games as this one has some unique twists.
 | Added on: July 18, 2011
This game is so reminiscent of the Delicious series, which I love. So far I have only played the trial, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The concept is great, running resorts in a dream world so people can get good quality sleep and dealing with invading nightmares. A unique idea. Not too difficult (at least not in the first 9 levels that I got to play), but still challenging enough if you're trying to get expert in every level.
 | Added on: February 15, 2014
I really enjoy this game. I bought the full version more than a year ago, and I still play it from time to time even though I've easily achieved top stars on each level. Very original concept! Customers are dreamers who are there to relax and enjoy themselves so you have to keep away nightmare monsters and give them a cloud or two if they get angry. Cute graphics and great music. Highly recommend!
 | Added on: August 11, 2011
Loved this game. I just wish it had more levels to continue the fun. I cant wait for a sequel. Keep up the good work GameHouse.
 | Added on: August 5, 2011
I love this game!Its very cute and interactive.I definitely recommend it!
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