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 Chainz Galaxy
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Chainz Galaxy Stats
  • Twist and turn links to build a planet in this wonderful Match 3 challenge.
  • Rattle the chains in four game modes with over 80 marvelous levels.
  • Rack up the score with eight power-ups including Wild Link, Freeze, Magnet, and more.
  • Win enticing bonuses and earn 30 collectible Charms.
  • Enjoy both Timed and Relaxed modes.

Game Description

Create your very own world one link at a time with Chainz Galaxy, an engaging new chapter in the colorful link-matching series.

The Ancients have a bright idea to build a new world in their vast and lonely universe. Following the Big Bang link-by-link secrets of the pros, they will achieve professional results in a mere seven days. To make their plan work however, they must forge together powerful chains. Can you provide the brains and the brawn to make this happen?

Twist and turn links to make matches and build up a colorful linked world in more than 80 marvelous levels. Rattle the chains in relaxed or timed versions of four game modes like Classic, Arcade, Puzzle, and Strategy. Rack up your score with eight exciting power-ups including Wild Link, Freeze, Magnet, and Cross Link. With enticing bonuses, 30 collectible charms throughout the game, and a whole planet to build, the link-matching madness just became even more rewarding!

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Genre:  Match 3