Campfire Legends 2 - The Babysitter
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  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Campfire Legends 2 - The Babysitter 

Get caught up in a thrilling new hidden object adventure with Campfire Legends - The Babysitter Deluxe, the highly anticipated sequel in the hit series! Lisa is going to babysit twins and is looking forward for an evening of watching TV while the kids are asleep. But she is about to find out that this particular babysitting job is no easy money!

  • search for hidden items and use them to advance in the game
  • solve challenging puzzles to discover more about the story
  • unlock an extra game mode, which adds loads of additional gameplay
  • prepare for an ending that will simply blow your mind!
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Reviews of Campfire Legends 2 - The Babysitter
 | Added on: January 18, 2016
Campfire Legends: The Hookman didn't end on anything close to a cliffhanger - sure, there were unanswered questions about Doctor Haken and his regenerative research, but the only real narrative thrust was blonde girl at the campfire claiming that she has her own spooky story to tell. We never get to hear it, though, as black-haired girl interrupts to reveal that the Hookman story isn't quite over yet, which brings us to maybe the best hidden object game ever. The story follows Lisa, a babysitter in the year 1987, as she's charged with looking after a pair of creepy twin girls for a single night. This shouldn't be a challenge, other than the fact that the house they live in was one part of the notorious Stillwater Asylum where the Guardians ran their terrifying experiments on the unwilling patients. She is obviously in for a long night... Now, for the hidden object criteria! Criteria 1: To what degree do the puzzle screens look like a thrift store vomited on my monitor? Again, not at all. The developers have done an incredible job of building a believable mini-mansion and secret lab. The first area is cluttered, but in a believable, domestic kind of way. Dishes left all over the kitchen, clothes scattered around a bedroom. Everything looks like the maid took a few weeks off, but beyond that, it's all very plausible. The underground lab looks even better - far more cluttered, but obviously the result of decades of neglect. The Hookman has been working so long that tools and devices have just wound up scattered everywhere. Messy as hell, but it works because the types of items left lying around the labs are internally consistent - there aren't any violins or scattered playing cards lying around, for example. Criteria 2: Are the searches justified by the premise/story? They are 100% justified, as is the hallmark of the series. This is an especially notable feat, given that the first third of the game is spent just on Lisa's babysitting job. Between fixing broken plates, making hot chocolate, and tracking down stray geckoes, the game does a fantastic job of keeping the setup portion of the game engaging. Things only get better once the horror starts, and Lisa has to assemble machinery and track down mysterious videotapes. That's not all, though - while I can wholeheartedly praise the game's decision to make all of the searches entirely relevant to the plot, the developers clearly understand that sometimes people just want to relax and find some items from a list, so they added a mode for casual enjoyment of the HOG screens. Once the game has been completed players can replay any of the hidden object areas, now armed with a long list of items to locate. It's the best of both worlds! Criteria 3: How well do the various puzzles and object searches meld together to form a coherent whole? Fantastically well. The completely logical hidden object scenes are a pleasure to play, and the puzzles fit incredibly well within the world of the game. Are there a few overly elaborate locks here and there? Sure, but they fit well within the horror adventure millieu and never feel like things are being arbitrarily padded out. In addition to the great hidden object and puzzle design, the game's story is a real standout, following Lisa on a harrowing journey into the mind of a madman, all leading to a terrifying conclusion that sets up the third game perfectly. Campfire Legends: The Babysitter isn't a perfect sequel to Hookman - there are just too many loose ends to be completely satisfying, but taken on its own merits, it's one of the finest hidden object games ever, its success marred only by the decision of the developers to go with a firefly-based hint system, rather than a simple recharging bar. On the upside, it only takes three beetles to skip a puzzle, rather than five, so at least one annoyance was fixed. Especially since there's a much-despised sliding block puzzle just five minutes into the game. Still, this is a hidden object game that's a couple of fixes away from complete perfection, and not many can say that.
 | Added on: October 25, 2010
It was hard to figure out #1 what a firefly looked like. I thought it would light up or something. You had to go back and forth to find things... but it really kept my interest. I think there should have been a tutorial at least showing you what the firefly looked like so my game would have been less hectic in the beginning. it was really fun once you figured out what exactly there was to do.
 | Added on: October 21, 2010
I was really looking forward to this game, as I enjoyed the first one so much, but I found myself getting more and more frustrated with this game as it went on and only played it through to see what happened at the end. The graphics were awesome of course, as usual, and the storyline very good, which was a saving grace of the game. I did find the music at the beginning a bit too over dramatic, and turned it down after a few minutes. I don't think that making a cup of cocoa really demands high tension music. Although the hints system was the same as the first campfire outing, I found that this time it was downright annoying, because the hints were seldom helpful, and when trying to use them to skip a puzzle they failed more times than not, unless you repeated the process several times. The puzzle just kept disappearing every time you tried to use a bug on it. The mini games were original and interesting, and like another reviewer I particularly like the glueing the plate together. I did nearly put my foot through the screen with the building block game though, as it told me to build a high tower, which I did, and after a long time of playing monkey, I accidentally solved it when the blocks tumbled where they wanted, and it had nothing to do with building a high tower at all!!!! There were serious omissions in instructions for the games and puzzles, mini or otherwise, and you were left floundering about wondering what you were supposed to be doing. In some cases, they were actually misleading. In a lot of the puzzles, I did what I knew was the correct thing and the items refused to budge and I just had to keep plugging away at it for ages until it finally responded to my commands. There was also far too much running around to find puzzle pieces before you could even attempt the mini puzzle. I was going backwards like a fiddler's elbow until I finally worked out a strategy where you could use the hint system to trick the game into giving me some answers. Although there were still some excellent features in this game, like the graphics, plot, characterization and original ideas, I just found the game play so frustrating that I didn't really enjoy it much. I'm sure some players will love it, but I don't think it was a patch on the first Campfire Legend.
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
Not too hard, but just challenging enough. Must think, but don't have to go to the walkthriugh every 5 minutes.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
This game was perfect in every way. It was not so challenging that it sent you off in search of a walkthrough, but it wasn't so easy that you didn't have to give some thought to your next move. It was scary, so not a good game for kids, but for folks who like a little horror, there was plenty to make your skin crawl. The story line had some cracks in its believability, but those were easy to forgive since the game was so engrossing. The graphics were excellent once the first Campfire Legends - Hookman. Right now the game is priced as a super-saver. I considered it a great value at full price. If you don't have this game already, now is the chance to get a top-shelf game at bargain basement cost. Do it!
 | Added on: October 22, 2010
I liked the first one and I like this one just as well. It has a good storyline. Good graphics. Some of the HOs are almost impossible to find. I found myself getting frustrated in spots.
 | Added on: October 21, 2010
This would probably fall into an Adventure/HOG catagory. Graphics are ok for the most part though some items will strain your eyes looking for them. Music was over done at points. It starts right off with intensity which doesn't necessarily apply in the beginning scenes. Do you really need high drama music to make cocoa or catch tiny pet lizards? Spinning cursor for over clicking. Hint system the same as the last in the series. Collect fireflies which are quite common. I never lacked for them because I only used them once for a skip. They are plentiful. Basically one per screen. Leave, come back and there is another one. Mini games play right into the story though most are standard and quite easy, a few are quite imaginitive and challenging. You will spend a lot of time searching in many locations for needed scattered items. Your environment enlarges as the game progresses . Length for me was about 3 hours not including the bonus level which is a room by room timed HOG. The story line was quasi making sense to me until the end. Then it lost me.... It was the last shot and then apparently it wasn't? The game does have a dark feel to it but never quite delivers. It felt creepy at the beginning but doing so many mundane things with such intense music left me feeling from the start that it was overly dramatic for no reason. The game is not boring by any means and keeps you moving but it just never really impressed me. The last one IMO had a creepier vibe. Maybe I should have played it at
 | Added on: October 22, 2010
I loved the complexity of each scene and the challenge in finding hidden objects. The story intrigued me. Generally, I do not pay close attention to story lines. I enjoyed the mini-games although there were a few I skipped. The graphics over-all were A+. I love detail and this game provided just that. This game will be added to my top favorites!
 | Added on: October 25, 2010
I usually don't read story lines, but this one you almost had to and I must admit, it wasn't bad. I enjoyed playing this game, however, waiting/searching for your firefly hint got to be a little annoying. I stuck with it though and would recommend playing it.
 | Added on: October 27, 2010
I am very pleased with this game. Lots of fun and exploring.
 | Added on: August 11, 2011
I absolutely love the Campfire Legends series! They have great storylines, told like true campfire stories, and they are not too long or short. Graphics are great and, alth0ough pretty easy, it does have a few spots where y0ou are scratching your head wondering what to do next. But that is where the fireflys come in handy! Can't wait for the next!
 | Added on: November 2, 2010
Either I'm not very intelligent or this game was way too complicated. For once, I actually had to go online and find a walk through guide to figure out alot of the steps in this game. Not recommended, especially if you and your children play these games together.
 | Added on: October 25, 2010
The basic premise of the game was okay, but I hated having to back through 4 rooms every five minutes. I would not buy it, but some people might not be bothered by this.
 | Added on: November 2, 2010
You must play a lot longer than one hour to experience this game. The first part of cleaning up after the bratty kids is only a teaser. The rest of the game in the basement laboratory is really gruesome and scary. This was one of the most challenging HO games I have ever played and I have played all the top games. You really need the hints! You have to play Haken's Journal also to understand what happened.
 | Added on: April 22, 2012
This game is both fun and chilling. The ending scene does a better job as a cliffhanger than the last game did. I give this game 8 out of 10, a perfect adaption of my favorite urban legend.
 | Added on: December 22, 2011
Enjoyed the hidden object and puzzle interactions. Storyline went right along the lines of an 80's scary movie. Interest in this game was spanned from the Campire Legends Hookman game. Had to reference the walk-through to get through some of them. Would be ideal if varied results were available based on the type of choices made by the player (or order of choices); would encourage more replay of the same game. Nice job Developers!!
 | Added on: October 26, 2010
I thought this game would be like the first one - the one about the hook. Man, was I wrong! The story was kind of weak, and the the ending was...I'll let you find out for yourself. Some of the hints and puzzles are kind of challenging. I have had to ..ahem..*cough cough* use the walk-through for this game twice to figure out what I was supposed to do. Not an easy admission for me considering I love challenges! The bugs as hints are pretty easy to fine but here's one tip - find them FIRST before you do anything in your play and if necessary - try to memorize where the bugs are if you used up a hint or two. I was not exactly thrilled, or amazed with the game. The graphics is pretty good but not stellar! I enjoyed this game as a filler for me.
 | Added on: September 27, 2011
We have had so much fun with the campfire legends! Both Babysitter and Hookman were great! we have become expert bug hunters too. the puzzles in this are challenging and fun and the scary stories are extra fun because we tend to play outside in the dark at night!
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
The story had me hooked (pun intended) from the beginning. That rarely happens to me with most HOGs. So, that made it all the more disappointing when I found myself running all over this house cleaning up the messes made by the two bratty kids we are baby sitting. Come on, this is supposed to be scary right? What is scary about cleaning up the cosmetics fiasco the girls created in the parent's room or gluing together a plate that they have broken. I WAS TERRIFIED, though, when I had to go into that kitchen and make hot chocolate. What a mess! These people are slobs. Maybe they are too busy with their careers to clean but, come on, can't these folks afford a cleaning service? So, I found that I didn't want to hang around, past my free hour, to find out what other clean up jobs that they had planned for me. After all, I've got my own home to clean. Geewhiz!
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
I enjoyed the first Campfire game so I gave this one a try and enjoyed it as well. I've always liked the babysitter urban legends, so the storyline was fun for me. Definitely worth the price!
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