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 Buried In Time
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Buried In Time Stats
  • Reveal the secrets of an ancient kingdom in this archaeological adventure.
  • Manage a team with specific skills to survey, excavate, brush, and analyze.
  • Solve puzzles to unlock each new area of your search.
  • Monitor your team to be sure they eat, sleep and rest when needed.
  • Earn money and grants to keep the important dig in progress.

Game Description

Discover riches beyond your wildest dreams with Buried in Time, an archaeological exploration to reveal secrets hidden beneath the sand.

There once was a great ruler who professed his undying love to a beautiful queen by giving her a sacred jewel. She cherished it and stored it away, until one day, she inexplicably passed away. The entire kingdom was devastated by the tragedy and fell to ruin. Hundreds of years later, two young archaeologists arrive in search of the precious stone and the secrets behind the kingdom's great demise. As they sift through the sand, they soon discover that the greatest riches are those that come from the heart.

Uncover this ancient kingdom and join in the quest for a lost treasure. Manage an archaeological dig as you build a team and keep them motivated by earning grants, collecting rare flowers, upgrading your camp and cultivating relationships. Utilize the team's specific skills to survey, excavate, brush, analyze and cook. Solve puzzles, monitor sleep and rest, but beware of those who appear dishonest. For only the pure of heart will prevail.

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Genre:  Arcade