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Bumps© Stats
  • 99 levels of bumping, bouncing fun
  • Unique physics-based puzzle gameplay
  • Seven fantastic full-length music tracks
  • A huge variety of unique challenges
  • Amazing full-screen artwork and visual effects

Game Description

Bump, bounce, and roll your way through a plethora of perplexing puzzles in Bumps©, an original new challenge that's full of colorful fun! The Bumps were once regular people like you and me. But an Alien invasion changed all that and now the Bumps need your help before they become lunch! Drop each colorful Bump into the playing area in a very specific way to collect keys and free your Bump buddies. Each one of the 99 levels is a unique brain-teaser that will take all your puzzling skill to solve. A completely unique take on casual puzzles, Bumps© features vibrant full-screen graphics, a fun soundtrack, and nearly endless puzzle fun. Try the Bumps© free trial version, or play the full version and experience this one-of-a-kind treat today.
Genre:  PuzzleKids