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Bubblenauts Stats
  • Dive amongst the Emerald Isles for sunken treasure in this charming Match 3 game.
  • Shoot bubbles to create matches of three or more in more than 60 levels.
  • Collect pearls and other items to purchase helpful power-ups.
  • Enjoy three adventure modes plus an unlimited freestyle campaign.
  • Select your very own Bubblenaut to command your boat.

Game Description

Locate Jolly Roger's undersea treasures in Bubblenauts, a lighthearted matching adventure for all ages.

Make dashing combos and unravel clever bubble puzzles as you dive undersea to find fabulous treasure. Command your boat and wind your way across the beautiful Emerald Isles while gathering the long-lost Jolly Roger hoard. At each diving spot, you unravel ingenious puzzles by making combos with a wild mix of good and bad bubbles.

As you progress, you will discover many interesting ways to overcome the challenges of the deep. Each completed dive unlocks new exploration sites and yields pearls that you can use to purchase awesome game-changing power-ups. With three adventure modes, an unlimited freestyle campaign, and more than 60 levels, Bubblenauts is sure to please.

See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Bubblenauts today!
Genre:  Match 3