Bob the Builder - Can-Do Carnival
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  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Bob the Builder - Can-Do Carnival 

Play along with Bob the Builder and build the town a carnival in Bob the Builder - Can-Do Carnival, a fun and educational game for players of all ages!

The Carnival train just passed by Bob’s town and has given him the idea to build a carnival of his own for everyone to enjoy. This is your lucky day because with your help, and that of the Can-Do Crew, an amazing carnival filled with exciting rides will take shape by completing many fun activities.

Help Bob plan the job, choose the materials, pick the right tools and clean up afterwards in a series of games that are both fun and creative. Watch Roley, Scoop and Muck do what they do best, but keep an eye on Pilchard and Spud because you know they are bound to get into trouble. When the job is done, not only will you have a fantastic carnival, but you’ll also win prize stickers to create your very own carnival scenes!

Try the free download version or play the full unlimited version of Bob the Builder - Can-Do Carnival and see how much fun learning can be!

  • Play with your favorite Bob the Builder characters
  • Collect over 100 stickers to create your own scenes
  • Learn new skills by completing simple and fun games
  • Entertaining for the whole family
  • Fantastic fun for all ages
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Reviews of Bob the Builder - Can-Do Carnival
 | Added on: March 4, 2012
OK, THIS COULD BE EITHER A ZERO STAR OR 5 STAR GAME DEPENDING ON IF YOUR A VERY YOUNG CHILD OR AN ADULT, EXPERIENCED GAMER. The cons: I personally didn't like this game one bit, because I'm an experienced gamer who wants way more challenge and excitement than this game had to offer. In fact I've played over a thousand games and this by far is the easiest game I ever played. I don't like games that are frustratingly challenging, either, but this any 3 year old could beat. I tried this game in the hardest mode and it was still at a 3 or 4 year old level at the most. Very, very boring and not even worth one star for adults or experienced gamers. The pros: This would be an excellent 4 or even 5 star game if you're a mother who wants to entertain their very young child. Like age 4 or under. I actually played this game for half an hour just to see if there was more to it. There was not, but I could see that it was still ideal for the very young children. It talked you through everything, perfectly easy to understand everything. So if you're an adult ignore my 5 star rating and give it zero stars, but if you're that very young child, then it's a 5 star game. I wanted to give it zero stars, but then that wouldn't be fair to the group that wants their child to play it.
 | Added on: February 5, 2010
This is a great child-friendly learning game. There are NO CLOWNS! Some kids are scared of clowns, but, there are NONE in this carnival building game. The child helps Bob build a carnival by matching, sorting, counting, color-coding, and sort by size, and earns stickers after completing a series of tasks, and mini-games as Bob helps build the rides. There are 3 levels Easy, Medium, and Hard. After the game is completed, the gamer can use the stickers and put them in their album, over and over, again! This game encourages re-play, and you can try ALL three levels, in repetition! This game is highly recommended for children. There is no violence, or swears, and it is completely child-friendly! It gets 5 stars from me!
 | Added on: February 5, 2010
This is a perfect kid friendly game: it helps kids (from 3 to 6 years old) learn numbers,colors and it makes them think about the right thing to click on. It takes few minutes for adults to finish it,but I think little buddies can have fun for a longer time because it can be "re-used" without becoming boring for kids. Design is perfect for kids and I think they'll love it! (Downloaded as free day game,I don't know if it worths to be bought...)
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