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Blood Oath 

 Blood Oath
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Blood Oath Stats
  • Choose between eternal life or death in this captivating Hidden Object adventure.
  • Discover the secrets of your past through over 25 gothic environments.
  • Find mysterious and arcane objects to unlock areas and learn new vampiric abilities.
  • Increase your powers through card-matching mini-game.
  • Decide your destiny with two dramatic endings.

Game Description

Uncover your past and decide your future in Blood Oath, a thrilling adventure to save your own humanity.

As a newly turned vampire, you awaken from slumber only to find yourself without memories and under the attack of vampire hunters. There is little time to find answers, and in order to survive for now you must quickly embrace this new life. The leader of the vampires emerges to offer shelter and help, but in return, he demands servitude for the war against the humans. What do you choose?

Run for safety and determine your destiny in this thrilling seek-and-find experience. Search a Gothic manor filled with vampire hunters, looking for ways to grow your vampiric powers, and for answers that will unveil the past. Solve challenging puzzles, locate mystic cards, and discover secrets you weren't meant to know. Hurry, because soon the sun will rise!

Critics love Blood Oath calling it "engaging, intriguing, challenging and a lot of fun." See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full version of Blood Oath today!
Genre:  Hidden Object