Bilbo - The Four Corners of the World
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  • Windows 2000 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 600 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Bilbo - The Four Corners of the World 

Travel to the ends of the earth and win the hand of your true love in Bilbo - The Four Corners of the World Deluxe, a time management romance for the ages! Struck by cupid's arrow, Bilbo must prove his worth by making his restaurants around the world successful. Help him on his journey by selecting the menu, seating guests, serving special treats and keeping everyone happy. Help true love shine!

  • help Bilbo win the hand of his true love
  • complete 40 levels in four restaurants around the world
  • YOU select the menu based on the tastes of your guests
  • play 14 different mini-games to earn larger tips
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Reviews of Bilbo - The Four Corners of the World
 | Added on: September 16, 2010
Enjoyable game.Some levels ran very slow,causing me not to make the goal.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
Loved the graphics! Fun game throughout, except for the 5 times combos - never could get all of those. Though probably my grandkids could. It was just long enough and had enough variances to keep you interested. I recommend this one.
 | Added on: June 28, 2010
man and i thought i liked the diner dash games this one is so fun too. the thing i had a problem with was making sure i hit the bubbles and not the charcter and i am having a hard time with the ice cream but other than that it is great to play and i think they should have a hard level on here that way you cant see the customer's reaction it should be where you have to rememebr what they like
 | Added on: February 1, 2010
 | Added on: February 9, 2010
I like TMGs and this one is excellent. I highly recommend it, with these caveats: 1. There is no tutorial and it took me 2/3 of the game to figure out some things. 2. The ending sucks! Terrible! How could anybody write a game with an ending like this? It just ........ ends. You finish the last restaurant and that's it. Nothing happens. I played the last scene over and over and over trying to get different results. Nothing changed. I finally looked at some online forums and discovered lots of complaints about this. So, if you know this ahead of time, the ending won't wreck your great journey
 | Added on: July 31, 2009
Great time management game. I played this thru and just couldn't achieve expert on each level. But that's me. However, the older grandkids loved it and were experts all the way to the end. The kids under eight got frustrated with it, but overall, had fun. They all gave it a Two Thumbs Up!
 | Added on: August 23, 2010
I played this demo a long time ago and I liked it. I bought it because it is part of super saver now, so it's only 3$, but I am not sure if I would have bought it otherwise. It is a super cute game and the graphics are great, and I know I will probably play it a couple of times, if not, at least once since I bought it. But, it isn't the greatest TM I have ever played, and I know I will play better games in the future. All I have to say is, don't expect this game to be amazing based on the pictures and description. That way, if it turns out to be great for you, you will be suprised, and if it turns out to be just mediocre, you won't be dissapointed.
 | Added on: November 2, 2010
I downloaded this game once, then after half an hour of playing I uninstalled it because I thought the game is "way too easy". I recently reinstalled it and decided to play through... how glad I am to give it a chance! It's one of the top 10 games I can recommend to all TM & Restaurant game lovers. The first level starts very easy and relaxed, but once you pass the initial stage, you suddenly encounter full of fun & interesting challenges. Each day, you plan menu according to customers' tastes in order to keep them happy. But that's the easy part. Let's say, your goal is to 'make 5 people dance'. It means you have to make a customer extremely happy that he/she will sing karaoke after the meal, and customers queing will dance to it! Obviously if there's no queue, you won't achieve this goal, so serving customers quickly isn't always the way. Each day continues like this, and I really enjoyed running the restaurant as if you really are in charge. Upgrading Bilbo's speed will help keep customers happy, and if you fail to achieve Gold in certain stages, you can always come back to it once you have more money to upgrade. Unfortunately there is no ending which is the only downside, but hopefully they'll make a sequel soon!
 | Added on: February 1, 2010
I really loved this game!!! It seems to be easy,but it's not because you need to think which is the best way to achieve all the goals of the level in few minutes. Everything is perfect: music,design,challenges and characters. Bilbo is funny and chef walrus is amazing. Little advice for the new players: play it!!!!!! You're going to be addicted to it!
 | Added on: May 24, 2010
If you like Time Management Games (TMG), Bilbo is going to win you over big time! Starts slow, but gets bust fast. There's lots to remember: who likes what entree, how to make desserts, keeping the fruit bar stocked, upgrading the place (key to getting star ratings), keeping folks happy (music),and comfortable while they wait (sofa, arm chair =$). The tutorial could be better (quite intuitive - but i had a heck of a time learning how to make an ice cream cone (hint: watch the customers faces). It's challenging, fast-paced, and will keep your interest. I like this most of the other TMG games, especially those with a restaurant theme! Thanks, Gamehouse (and sponsors) for making this a free day game!
 | Added on: February 2, 2010
this is a fun game if you like time mangament. Starts out easy but gets difficult
 | Added on: August 4, 2009
I tried the one-hour free download and almost quit before my hour expired - the storyline was not my cup of tea; too "cute". I recommend it for kids or for those who enjoy slower TM games that don't require much thought.
 | Added on: July 26, 2010
This seems like a nicely made game - graphics are well done, seems like it would be a pretty decent game. I didn't play much more than about 15 minutes before uninstalling though. The things I didn't like were that it didn't seem to have much challenge. I didn't like that you could get the winning choice by picking the first meal out of selection of 10 each time. Also, that the little side meal thing (dumplings or something, looked like a fortune cookie) you make by clicking the same exact sequence of dots each time. The game sort of seemed too easy to me and lacked any real forethought on how to do well on the level. Just by going through the motions, I was scoring gold each time. Granted, I'm sure it gets more difficult as time goes on but I didn't like that it just seemed so easily laid out to begin with. Also, the upgrades you purchase really don't tell you very much about what they do. I decided to pass on this one.
 | Added on: July 31, 2009
This game is amazing. And oh my goodness, those little mouse/gerbil/guinea pig things are sooooooo cute! I love decorating my restaurant and trying to decide what to get next. The storyline is just as cute as the characters. It's a mix of Diner Dash, Sally's Spa, Jane's Hotel, and more! Except it has MUCH better graphics and is possibly more fun to play! Love it! Top five, maybe?
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