Big City Adventure - London Story
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 500 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Big City Adventure - London Story 

Discover mystery and intrigue while on a family trip with Big City Adventure - London Deluxe, a fun new adaptation of the hit series. London is calling but so is the mystery of Fitzpatrick McGovern and his lost legacy. Little did you know that a stroll through the musem would spring forth such a fantastic family trip that will have you hunting through some of the most famous landmarks in London.

  • search through world-famous London locations in this hidden object pastime
  • enjoy Classic and all-new Adventure modes for two wonderful experiences
  • find useful items, solve perplexing puzzles, and talk to the local residents
  • collect dozens of postcards detailing a multitude of fascinating and obscure facts about London
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Reviews of Big City Adventure - London Story
 | Added on: November 14, 2014
i loved this game it was challenging, fun i understood everything they told me to do, i really wish youu guys made more games like this because i am very very picky at what games i play, and if i do play them i never finish yass to thumbs up for this one and i want to play all the adventure games but i dont like how they time you no, so this is by first the best game great job game house keep them coming
 | Added on: November 11, 2014
I loved this version on the Big City Adventure series. I the endless HO scenes and match 3 of the other games in the series gets tedious. I like the challenge of finding objects on a scene that have to be used on another scene to complete a puzzle. I would like to see more games of this type in the future.
 | Added on: March 24, 2012
I thought this was just going to be a H/O-only game (w/ some mini-games), but it surprised me. I chose the "adventure play" (or whatever) option & it was actually good - in story, searches, challenge, etc. My only major complaint about it was how much you have to go back and forth (using the map) to each place. I realize that this is fairly typical in H/O games, but when you don't know what needs to be accomplished next and therefore have to just go to random places to see if you missed anything (or whatever), it gets a little tedious. Plus the hints aren't very helpful - telling you WHERE a task needs to be completed even though you already know that & you're just looking for a hint HOW to accomplish that task. So it was good that they have the strategy guide right there just in case. But overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the game and had fun playing it. Nothing too heavy, serious or dark - just relaxing.
 | Added on: April 17, 2012
Thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. Going to immediately purchase the next release from Jolly Bear.
 | Added on: March 30, 2012
This H/O game was very different than the other "Adventure in (name a city)" games. This is a true H/O game with difficult mini-games and a lot to look for. As another reviewer pointed out, you get stuck (too often) not knowing what to do and have to go back through all the places you've been to try to find a place where there's something that will help you move forward. I think the creators knew that this was too tiresome for the user, so they put their "Walkthrough" right on the screen of each scene. I have been forced to use it where I would not ever use it in other H/O games as an advanced user. Still the game is much, much more intriguing and engaging than the normal "Adventure" games. I recommend it with a caveat to make moving forward a little more intuitive. Challenging, yes. I'm enjoying that.
 | Added on: December 2, 2012
I love all the Big City Adventures Games and the London Story was a great addition to my owned games. I found it to be a nice way to relax after a stressful day and my grandchildren love to play the game with me. I look forward to seeing where Big City Adventure takes me next.
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