Beware Planet Earth 

 Beware Planet Earth
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Beware Planet Earth Stats
  • Repel the alien invasion in this fabulous Tower Defense strategy game.
  • Enjoy more than 60 colorful levels to protect your cows.
  • Collect Cogs to purchase new machines or upgrade them.
  • Set up new strategies for different types of aliens.
  • Use the Zapper to pulverize them yourself.

Game Description

Stop the invading aliens from taking your livestock in Beware Planet Earth!, a comedic strategy game for all ages.

The aliens are coming and they are here to steal your cows! Before they do however, they will have to cross the fields and get to the barn. Here is where you will make your stand and put your machines to work against them. They have plenty of tricks up their sleeves however. Will you be able to send the back from whence they came?

Join this hilarious battle to stop the aliens from taking your cows. Place your powerful machines strategically along their route to repel them. When all else fails, call on your Zapper and shoot them yourself! Enjoy more than 60 colorful levels; Collect Cogs to purchase new machines or upgrade them; Set up new strategies for different aliens. It's an all-out attack and only you can stop them.

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Genre:  Action