Between the Worlds II - The Pyramid
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Between the Worlds II - The Pyramid 

Push your powers of deduction to their limits in Between the Worlds II - The Pyramid, an entangling encounter with mystery and science.

The residents of a small American town are anxious after a fellow resident, an eccentric but famous professor, mysteriously disappears. On a stormy night, an odd old gentleman suddenly appears at the door of your detective agency with a note from the said professor. It contains a dire warning based on an unbelievable premise. Can you suspend disbelief and find the professor before danger strikes?

Dive into a world where the realms of technology and magic collide. Work to avert a disaster as you push your intellect searching for the professor through his abode and other wondrous locations. Be alert for the tiniest of details, decipher cryptic messages, and put to use magical artifacts. With brainy mini-games, challenging puzzles, and curious events, your detective skills will be put to the test.

See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Between the Worlds II - The Pyramid today!

  • Suspend disbelief to solve a case in this Hidden Object adventure.
  • Dive into a world where the realms of technology and magic collide.
  • Be alert for the tiniest of details and decipher cryptic messages.
  • Put to use magical artifacts to avert a disaster.
  • Enjoy brainy mini-games and challenging puzzles.
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Reviews of Between the Worlds II - The Pyramid
 | Added on: March 3, 2012
This game is somewhat slow and has few directions (especially to begin with). Read everything, pay attention, and ask your assistant occasionally. It is quite short once you get the hang of it and sets you up for the next installment. A beginner would have a hard time getting started on this one, but th HOG scenes were actually fairly easy.
 | Added on: March 1, 2012
i found this game extremely slow, so slow that i found myself clicking pointlessly....especially between took forever to load between frames..............even with fast has a boring camera shutter to look at as it's loading.........actual play was fast-paced ............. can't think of one good reason to recommend this game!..................
 | Added on: March 6, 2012
I like others rating this game found nothing good about this game. Too come up with a rating as required, I substituted the word "FRUSTRATING" for listed attributes in order to provide any rating! I also quit at the labatory, as my right wrist was bothering me due to all of the clicking. "To each his own" Myself, I would choose a root canal over this game but, I do take pain very well!
 | Added on: March 1, 2012
I started the hour demo and left after about 15 minutes. The first Between the Worlds game was decent. In this one the cursor is awful. The hint system stinks. I got to the point where I was looking to decipher a message with invisible ink. I was directed to a lab, clicked on a bunch of beakers and then nothing happens. In asking for a hint I am told to search the beakers. Well I did search all of them repeatedly and zippo, nothing happens. It is unconscionable when devs. make it almost impossible to navigate the game. Stay away from this turkey.
 | Added on: March 3, 2012
I had the almost identical problem reviewer Poppa did got to where i found the beaker for the note with invisible ink but then could go no further. the hint system is useless the entire game is super slow to load but fast playing . like the other reviewers I cant find anything good about this game other than the graphics and since The star rating is required i gave it 1 star for graphics. ~LW~
 | Added on: March 2, 2012
This game certainly doesn't walk you step-by-step. You have to think things out and even do a little guessing as to what action you are supposed to take. But, I certainly got involved with it. I enjoyed each scene and loved solving the puzzles. My biggest gripe with this game - wayyy to short. I couldn't believe it when the credits ran. I would have given it five stars except for the length.
 | Added on: April 20, 2013
This is more of a puzzle game than HO. It begins with a story line that takes you to the alchemist's house and lab. You have to poke around there to find a few things, but there are no HO scenes. You have a helper from the detective agency that will give you suggestions so that you don't get too lost. So far, this is fairly familiar territory. Finally, you find a box, which you take back to your office. This is where the puzzles and the HO scenes begin. The whole rest of the game centers on the pyramid inside the box. How do you peel back the layers and open it up? There is very little direction here. With the aid of a magnifying glass you enter into each of four worlds on the four sides of the pyramid. Each side contains several HO scenes. For the one in the air, if you don't figure out that you can hold the cursor down and wave it back and forth, thereby blowing the clouds away, you will never find all the objects. All of the HO scenes have well hidden items, but the hint will point them out if you really get stuck. The hint does refill very slowly, though, so use it sparingly if you can. The scenes and the pyramid itself are quite fascinating. But for the lack of direction and incredibly short playing time (1 hr 15 min) I would give this 5 stars for originality.
 | Added on: June 12, 2012
what a strange game. i found from the very beginning of this game a difficulty playing it. being the character. there is a forced aspect about it. it is hard to describe. then i got stuck on one of the puzzles-no skip aspect and no ryhmn or reason to the puzzle that i could see. there is jst no satisfaction at all for me in this game. sorry, guys...
 | Added on: March 2, 2012
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be...cruel. But I have done almost every HO game on Gamehouse and I have to say, this one was the absolute WORST! It didn't make sense, objects were almost impossible to find and I'm not sure about everyone else, but my "Hint" button never worked. Not once! So, if you don't like someone, A LOT, by all means, gift them this game. Yuck! :(
 | Added on: March 5, 2012
I really liked this game as it was very challenging. However, I got stuck in the cabin trying to pick up two items. No matter how many times I clicked on these items, it was like nothing was there. I stayed away for 24 hours and went back in thinking it would be fixed, but nothing. Sorry I had to uninstall. Not worth the time of waiting.
 | Added on: March 3, 2012
It only took me a few hours one night to go through this game. Not knowing I was almost done with the game, I was ready to play more today and bamm I'm done in two seconds....that was very upsetting! It was a thinky game, but just way to short of a game.
 | Added on: March 4, 2012
I'm sorry, but I dislike looking for clear or white objects hidden in clouds. Not fun. Hint button only worked in HO scenes, otherwise it was worthless. No skip button either on puzzles. Another issue was having to click on an item soooooo many times before it picked up. And the final blow was not being able to find an object, using the hint button, and still not being able to get it. That was it. Delete. Sorry, no reco here.
 | Added on: March 6, 2012
Quite a nice change for the HOG genre. Some really challenging sections but lacking assistance from the hint feature. Overall a very good concept could emerge using these ideas, although the ending is very abrupt. Leaves one possibly expecting part two perhaps?
 | Added on: March 2, 2012
Made up of about 70% puzzle and 30% hidden object, this well-written game turns you into a detective and begs you to solve a magical mystery. The puzzles are all well-thought-out, and although there is some difficulty, I was able to complete them all. The hint system offers good suggestions without giving the whole show away. You won't see any hidden object scenes until you are nearly through with the game, and you'll do them all one after the other. The scenes aren't cluttered, but some objects are extremely well hidden - things like a rake where all that is visible is the handle. Sometimes you'll need to perform an action to show other hidden items, determining what is required is tough as there's no sparkles and the cursor doesn't change when you hover over an item requiring action. Because there's less hand-holding that most gamers are used to, this definitely increases the difficulty of the game. The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because it is hideously short. Just when I felt like I'd completed the first chapter and was getting ready for the second, the game started showing the credits! Either this will be a serialized game, or this was one of the most cliff-hanger endings ever! At a relaxed pace I completed the game in just under two hours. If I'd focused on it, I'm decently certain I could have done it in just over an hour. Way too short to pay full price for, but definitely worth playing if you have Fun Pass.
 | Added on: March 5, 2012
This game, for me, was too hard. The hints were few, what was wanted of you was vague, and the puzzles were not user friendly. There were no instructions for the puzzles or the instructions were unclear. When trying to manipulate the dials in the library safe - all I got was a clicking noise - with no hint as to what was wrong. Very frustrating. Left the trial version with 25 min left.
 | Added on: March 5, 2012
First of all, here's a hint about the hints... In the tutorial, a caption points out the hint button. THIS IS NOT THE HINT BUTTON. This is the hint gauge that shows you how much time is left before you can use a hint again. The hint button is actually the detective's id badge. I think that's why some reviewers said the hint button didn't work. You do get some clues and good suggestions about how to solve the puzzles by reading the investigation journal and clicking on the detective id badge when you need to. Even so, the puzzles were challenging and I needed some trial and error before I could figure out what to do. The graphics and drawings are very well done. The hidden objects ARE hard to find (read other reviews for hints). Each HOS is actually three areas that all have the same objects drawn the same way, and each area has a different list of objects to find. So, if you don't know what an object looks like and you can't find it, go through a "starry portal" and see if the object is in plain view in another area. Once you know what the object looks like, then it's easier to go back to the first area and find the object. DO try this game, but first read the other reviews for hints. Otherwise, I can understand that it would be very frustrating. I agree about the surprising short ending, too.
 | Added on: March 5, 2012
This game I found to be mildly challenging since it had a major lack of clear direction unless you asked your assistant for help and sometimes even then he/she would just repeat what you already knew. Even though I was lost through some of the game, I actually really enjoyed some of the mini games and tasks inside of the pyramid. All in all the game was fun but over way to quickly.
 | Added on: March 2, 2012
The game was pretty good dont get me wrong, but a bit disappointing due to it being pretty short and ends abruptly. I completed the game in less than 2 hours. The game itself was fun, challenging and even the story line was ok, but after about an hour and a half of play it says basically you must do something to move as a player you are like ok... im ready... then... roll credits... very lame way to end a game and not a good way to keep peoples interest in the game... by the time they release the third part of this game I probably wont even remember it to begin with. Its almost like the company was in a huge hurry to release the content and ran out of funds last minute.. Disappointing is all that comes to mind.
 | Added on: March 9, 2012
this game was a little frusturating at the beginnig but after a little patience and thinking i blew through this quite quickly
 | Added on: March 1, 2012
Way to short would not buy this game. The game is easy,
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