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  • 500 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 128 MB Ram
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Welcome to Babel, the city where words were invented. Play 25 different word games to build an impressive tower. Play as a Babylonian king and your tower will reach mythical heights, but if you let the words confuse you, your tower will start to crumble. Shake the desert sand from your robe and play Babel now!

  • Enter the world of the Orient
  • 25 different word games
  • 3 game modes
  • 5 game categories (Action, Find, Create, Memory and Solve)
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Reviews of Babel
 | Added on: January 22, 2016
I have enjoyed playing this game for a long time now. I love the variety of the different types of word games. And even though the animation seems childish to me the games are not too easy. The only drawback for me is the animation I would really like if there was some way of skipping the stuff between each game.
 | Added on: June 5, 2012
I'm a bookworm (love Bookworm Adventures!), and I like vocabulary games. This game is extremely challenging at the higher levels, and I kept replaying because I assumed the problems I was having were just me. However in Odd One Out, when I tried to remove a letter from EVIDENT, the only letter it would let me take out was the D. EVIENT? Really? I even Googled it since the game uses a lot of proper nouns, but Google came up with nothing for "evient". I'm trying to unlock all the games, but I have nine to go, and I can't seem to reach the key at this stage. Non-words like "evient" (misspelling for event? Evian?) don't help.
 | Added on: September 17, 2010
The games starts out easy but gets progressivly harder as you build your tower. As with all games there are some things I like some I do not. The randomness of which word game in which you start with is okay (that is untill you land on one you dislike) The other options are to re-play your favorite ones (or practice the one you suck at) Overall I like the game and enjoy the re-play value of the game. ~zacola~
 | Added on: September 13, 2010
This game is very hard. And not kid friendly at all. No fun value for me. Easy at first. Then it gets harder and harder. No save option during the game. The words are racy. And I think it was develope in Europe. Probably Russia. Graphics are outdated. I would never pay for this game. Sorry, it's for book worms or very smart people. Not my cup of tea.
 | Added on: September 15, 2011
I love this game! The games at the beginning levels are quite easy but as your tower builds become quite challenging. A feature I quite like is that it saves your game! I would highly recommend it for any word game enthusiast.
 | Added on: November 3, 2010
Finally a word game that continuously challenges. I like the variety of the games and the progressive levels of difficulty. It is more than just a vocabulary challenge. Different skill sets are challenged by certain games. Memory, matching, vocabulary, speed, creativity, typing ...just to name a few. Awesome game with endless challenges.
 | Added on: September 10, 2010
The most crucial aspect to a vocabulary game is a complete dictionary. Unfortunately I have found problems that make the game rather frustrating. For instance, in the game "odd man out" we are supposed to remove a letter from a word so it results in a different word. I have run into instances where I can remove a correct letter but I'm not allowed to because it doesn't create the word the game wants you to create. A similar problem happens in "vowel vocabulary". In that game we are supposed to add vowels to words until a complete word is created. Again, I get docked because I didn't create the word it wanted me to create. If we were just relaxing this wouldn't be much of an issue but since we're racing the clock it becomes rather frustrating. If the dictionary was complete this would be a really fun game.
 | Added on: September 10, 2010
this is one of the 1st games i ever bot. i've had it for yrs, and still find it fresh, challenging, exciting. love the variety of word games, and the fact that it's chance that u play a particular version. some of the versions are very difficult for me-what big words. definately not for the faint hearted. seeing your tower grow with each win-small pieces, medium pieces, large pieces. cool. to see the scene behind the tower change the higher it goes-the sky, the planets...and then the tension when u know u only have one or two stars left and it's gonna come crashing down. even when the tower falls it's exciting-all the dust and rubble. what can i say-A GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try it!!
 | Added on: January 5, 2010
This is a new game to me and I love it. The variety of word games are interesting and I am going to buy it when I get my next 2 free games as it has a lot of levels and I have only played for the sixty minutes demo so far. The graphics are a bit of a pain while waiting to build the tower but then mine collapsed in the first 30 minutes of playing so back to the bottom I went again. What fun!!
 | Added on: September 10, 2010
I am not certain how to respond to this game. It starts out quite simple, and the next thing you know, you are clicking away at a manic pace. When I think I am doing well, I find out I didn’t perform as well as I originally thought. When I think I bombed, I find out I did very well. See what I mean? This game gains a star for originality, a star for a good word challenge, and a star for execution. After that, I get lost. This could be a good word learning tool for the youngsters, but you must also closely gage their frustration level. Speed and word recognition is the key to this game. Skip it if you want something more relaxing. The graphics are satisfying. It is fun to build your tower and unlock category levels as you progress. It gains another star for clever word variety. You can eventually choose your favorite game mode preference. I added a star for good replay, but then I deducted a star for not offering us a more relaxed version. Well—this how we wind up with a four star game. If you would like to break up your word game experience with something new and exciting, then I urge you to try it. If you like this, then you might want to check out Text Express 2.
 | Added on: September 22, 2010
This game is a super way to exercise your brain! The pace picks up and the difficulty increases as you hit the higher levels, making it a good game for all ages. With all of the different games, it is as much fun to play the hundredth time as it is the first time.
 | Added on: May 4, 2011
The best thing about this game is the variety of word puzzles, over 25 in all. On the downside, you have to unlock 20 of them. I would have rated this five stars but, like another reviewer, I was frustrated that words I made were not the words the game wanted and therefore it did not credit me with the word. All in all, this is a fun game and a great way to challenge your vocabulary skills.
 | Added on: September 10, 2011
I do very much like the different games. The tower building gives a nice rest between games. what keeps this game from being a keeper is the use of proper nouns and that it doesn't show you the solutions if you run out of time before completing the game. There isn't any learning experience here.
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
This game has such a great selection of challenging games for your brain. Some of them more challenging than others and some are very unique and not seen before (ie. the one where you have to fit two halves of letter structures to make a word). Have been playing the free unlimited version for some time but got tired of the advertisements so I bought it. I'm so glad I did.
 | Added on: September 16, 2010
I love this game. It keeps me thinking. All of the different word games make it exciting.
 | Added on: October 5, 2012
Two stars for the graphics, variety of word games, and interaction with building an elaborate tower. Stars were lost because: (1) the timer is way too short to complete the puzzles if this genre is not your forte; (2) the game randomly picks the puzzles, not the player, so you can be stuck playing games that you don't like or aren't good at; (3) the vocabulary is strange, as if compiled by a non-English speaker; (4) you lose sight of the desert and plaza as your tower grows and can only see a small part of the tower at a time; (5) the music style is annoying when you are trying to think!
 | Added on: September 20, 2010
I enjoy this....I had to buy it because I got tired of all the advertisements, but I am glad I did. The game makes me think and I just keep playing and playing and playing....which is to say, it can become adictive. I recommend this game if you like a challenge.
 | Added on: May 12, 2012
This game is bright,addictive and fun - not for the younger kids though. I've played this game to the end and for the most part enjoyed it But what bugs me the most is that some words just dont exist - i even looked in the dictionary! how on earth am i supposed to guess them / work them out ?? It also only accepts "its" words regardless if other combinations worked. So guess its a good game with interesting concepts but very frustrating when you need that last word for the tower and it wont accept it - even though its in the dictionary - and down goes the tower ... sigh
 | Added on: January 11, 2013
That game is the first based only on words I play, but even if thar game is very challenging, I don't like a lot the various games I have to play to construct a tower. I recommend it to everyone who lilke that type of play, but if you don't like it, you decide wht to do.
 | Added on: September 10, 2010
This is a very fun game and I would really like to give it more stars, but the time is way too short on many of the games. I have been playing 'All Games', so the computer picks which to play. With some of the choices, it doesn't seem to matter how fast I go, I can never get 2 stars, sometimes not one star and, on a few games, I can never get a star, at all Very frustrating. As mentioned in a couple of other reviews, waiting for the tower to build is just plain annoying. There should be an option to simply bypass that part and move on to the next word game. I don't understand one reviewers comment about the graphics being first rate. They're pretty basic and nothing exciting. I do admit it's a fun game, though.
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