Aztec Venture 

 Aztec Venture
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Aztec Venture Stats
  • Play 105 challenging and enthralling levels.
  • Follow 8 exciting chapters of adventure.
  • Puzzle through additional mini-games.
  • Choose your level of difficulty.

Game Description

Get ready for a magical adventure where you'll find an abundance of mysterious Aztec treasure in Aztec Adventure, a beautiful and exciting match-3 game.

Your simple research expedition turns into a jungle quest when you and your crew become shipwrecked off the coast of Central America. With the help of a friendly native named Ichtaca, you search for the ancient temples of the Aztecs. Soon you realize you must free the Holy Path to the temples from a terrible curse left by the Aztec rulers.

Puzzle your way through the primeval jungle when you play the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Aztec Adventure today!
Genre:  Match 3