AstroPop Deluxe 

 AstroPop Deluxe
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AstroPop Deluxe Stats
  • Unlimited Play
  • Two Exciting Game Modes: Classic and Survival
  • Stunning Graphics and Sound Effects
  • Four Loveable Characters: Vector, Vixx, Sprocket and Turbot
  • Entertaining Storylines for Each Pilot

Game Description

Blast-off to out-of-this-world fun with this action-puzzler from the creators of Zuma Deluxe. Join Vector and his pals on their thrilling mission to move colored blocks into groups and clear the stars. As you travel from planet to planet, unlock new characters and weapons upgrades, while following each character's unique and exciting storyline. An intense action treat that challenges your mind as well as your reflexes, AstroPop Deluxe is a puzzler that's not to be missed.
Genre:  Arcade