Aquanoid 2 Reloaded 

 Aquanoid 2 Reloaded
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Aquanoid 2 Reloaded Stats
  • Select from 6 beautiful sets of bricks.
  • Enjoy an animated underwater world of fish, plants, bubbles, tricky reflections, and more.
  • Change it up with different bat and ball behaviors.
  • Choose from 3 progressively challenging levels of difficulty.

Game Description

Bat the ball at the bricks to clear the waters and collapse the wall. Chill out in the azure blue aquarium and rack up you score in Aquanoid 2 – Reloaded, a reactive arcade-style shooter game.

Keep the ball in play to avoid the shutdown sequence. Unlock different bonuses hidden within special bricks. Some bricks are hidden or even indestructible, so keen navigation is key. Deep sea predators are after your bat, but you have the power to avoid them and triumph through all the aquatic challenges coming your way.

Dive in for an invigorating diversion when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Aquanoid 2 - Reloaded today!
Genre:  Arcade