Aquabble Quest
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Aquabble Quest 

Help Timmy Turtle find his way home in this dazzling bubble-popper. Caught up in a river of mysterious bubbles, Timmy needs your help puzzling his way back to his family. Take on the river full steam ahead in Quest mode, or relax with the soothing waves in Casual mode. Featuring over 150 levels of addictive gameplay, an engaging storyline, and exciting power-ups, Aquabble Quest is a colorful adventure of puzzling fun for all.

  • Over 150 Challenging Levels
  • 2 Ways to Play - Quest and Casual
  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • Fun Bonuses and Power-Ups
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Reviews of Aquabble Quest
 | Added on: July 3, 2012
After trying a variety of marble popping games over the years, this is the first one that calls to me to purchase. What a delightfully unique, entertaining, and sensory-appealing game. Your little turtle is heading home down a lovely animated river, with floating vegetation, swaying cat's tails, bobbing water lilies and water gently flowing over river stones. Fish are swimming lazily underneath the bubbles, dragonflies swoop across now and again, and you hear nature sounds in the background. The bubbles you shoot bob on the water, which adds a little spice to the popping aspect and is pretty to watch. In the quest mode, your success in popping bubbles allows Timmy the Turtle to jump in the river and swim a ways home until he meets up with the next group of bubbles for you to pop. I appreciated that if I didn't complete the level, I got to start right back where I left off, rather than back at the very beginning, which I find a waste of time. The bubble popping was very entertaining, but it was the animations of the water and nature components that kicked this game way above the ordinary. For me, this was immediately addictive and almost hypnotic. What a lovely, low-stress game (except you do need to get those bubbles popped before time runs out).
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