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 Antique Shop
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Antique Shop Stats
  • Time management and hidden object gameplay in one
  • Buy unique store upgrades
  • Earn money for your global expedition
  • Solve riddles and find historical artifacts
  • Reveal the discovery of a lifetime!

Game Description

Find clues and solve ancient historical mysteries in Antique Shop, an archeological journey that mixes the best of time management and hidden object games into one!

A recently graduated student eager to start her first true archeological dig has come across an ancient and puzzling map. Hoping to go on the expedition and be part of a famous discovery, she is made to believe that, in fact, there is nothing left to discover using that map. Determined to prove them wrong, she takes it upon herself to find out the truth. But how can she afford this adventure? Dealing antiquities through an antique shop of course!

In order to gain money for her expedition, you must help her shop flourish by tending to customers. Offering the right items, stocking up with unique gifts and upgrading the store for higher profits are all part of the exciting challenge. Only when enough money has been earned can she then set out across the globe to solve the riddles and uncover artifacts that will ultimately lead her, and you, to the discovery of a lifetime.

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Genre:  Hidden Object