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  • Windows XP / Windows 10
  • 600 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Journey to the drifting sands of Ancient Egypt and help a young princess find true love in Annabel Deluxe, a unique and stunning hidden object adventure. Featuring incredible 3D graphics, a stirring storyline, and surprises at even turn, Annabel Deluxe is more than just a hidden object game; it's the adventure of a lifetime! Experience the magical romance of Annabel today!

  • amazing 3D characters and graphics
  • unique mix of hidden object and puzzle challenges
  • original storyline featuring compelling characters
  • journey through the lands of ancient Egypt
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Reviews of Annabel
 | Added on: June 25, 2009
This could have been a great game, but I think the developers just missed the mark. The Good points: - Nice Graphics - 3D looks really good - Interesting storyline - Fun, sometime quite easy, puzzles. - Nice Version of a hidden object game (Actually, it's more of a point/click game) The problems are: - You can easily start to feel a little "sea-sick" going from room to room because of the speed, going up and down, and 3D effect. I actually had to stop playing the game after an hour because I started getting a headache. - You are not able to pick up object that you know you will need until you are told to do so. This means going back and forth and up and down through rooms (thus, the vertigo) - Each new level takes quite a long time to load. Which is frustrating. I gave it 2 stars because I just could not finish it. Not worth feeling sick to play a game. But if you are not prone to vertigo, have a cast iron stomach, etc., you will probably really like this game.
 | Added on: August 24, 2009
Think of this as a simpler version of Myst, but in an Egyptian setting. Or like Alabama Smith. This is not a hidden object game, but an 'adventure' or 'Escape-the-Room' game. You're not finding bunches of hidden objects, but looking around a few rooms at a time to find what you need to solve immediate puzzles, like finding the bits of a jug so you can repair it, fill it with water & put out a fire. Nothing is really hidden, except in the sense of hidden in plain sight. The graphics are high-quality, voice acting is good, the play is light-hearted (the great god Thoth is an over-weight woman?!). The one problem I had was with room transitions. You zoom from room to room, down corridors & up staircases. I had to look away in order to avoid vertigo. Perhaps younger folks will have no problem with that.
 | Added on: August 24, 2009
I enjoy this type of game. As the other reviwer said, it's more of a point and c lick game. Bottom line... good fun!
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