Animal Agents
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Animal Agents 

Get to the bottom of a furry mystery in Animal Agents, a unique hidden object game. When Sarah goes out one morning and discovers her pet rabbit, Fridolin, has disappeared. Fearing the worst, her brother Justin and her cousin Anna set out to find the missing bunny and discover a plot to kidnap all the animals in town as well as dark secret! Play as Anna, spending her holidays at her uncle's farm, or as Justin, who can't wait to investigate the missing animals. Whichever point of view you choose, you'll have to explore 60 eye-popping levels on your hunt for hidden clues. Featuring a variety of hidden object challenges, two great game modes, and over a thousand hidden objects to find, Animal Agents is an amazing adventure for the hidden object detective.

  • Two Game Modes: Adventure and Puzzle
  • Thrilling Detective Story with Two Points of View
  • 20 Highly Detailed Locations to Search
  • More Than 60 Eye-Popping Levels
  • Wide Variety of Hidden Object Challenges
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Reviews of Animal Agents
 | Added on: May 27, 2009
This game was far too easy and short for an adult, but would make a great game for kids age 8-12. The story would appeal to kids too. I thought it was very simplistic and silly as an adult game however.
 | Added on: February 1, 2010
Way too easy for me! Definitely a game kids would enjoy more. Cute graphics. I was expecting something more, but I guess as an adult, I'm getting picky in my old age. Have fun kids!
 | Added on: January 20, 2010
A cute, but short adventure game, a point-n-click adventure, play as either character and experience game from two different viewpoints. Each scene, find all the object listed before you can move on - which can be challenging. Also, some items need to be placed-together, to work together. When some objects are small, not what you expect to be looking for or multiples of the same in the scene, this can become frustrating ... Also, search for silhouetted items, pairs of items, and object that was 'hinted' to you, as in the text of the dialog scenes. Sound-puzzles can be hard: listen to match the item - some scenes have multiple items that this sound can come from. Puzzle-mode allows you to replay each scene, to get a better time. Then, play other character. Overall, even with over 20 scenes to play, this adventure ends quicker than you expect.
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