Angela Young's Dream Adventure 

 Angela Young's Dream Adventure
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Angela Young's Dream Adventure Stats
  • Find hidden objects in more than 50 captivating levels
  • Several unique ways of searching for objects
  • Play original and challenging mini-games
  • Seek and unlock the mysteries of dreams!
  • Play Angela Young's Dream Adventure free trial today!

Game Description

Open a magical doorway to the realm of dreams with Angela Young’s Dream Adventure, a hidden object journey in a land of wondrous imagination!

After reading a book on mysteries, Angela decides to fall asleep with her cat Felix and somehow suddenly finds herself plunging down a great hole. Opening her eyes, she realizes something is not right as she gazes upon a mysterious dark forest that now surrounds them both. They walk towards a light in the distance and meet the Keeper of Dreams who asks for their help against the Lord of Nightmares, an evil wizard creating chaos throughout the lands. Is this a dream, or has Angela stumbled into a reality where only solving her own mystery will get her and Felix back home?

As Angela, help the Keeper of Dreams restore order to the many remarkable regions the Lord of Nightmares has affected. Find hidden objects packed within the disorder, play unique mini-games that challenge your mind, and always be on the lookout for the path that will lead you home.

Play the free version or download the full unlimited version of Angela Young’s Dream Adventure to unlock the secrets of this mysterious journey and find out if it is real, or is it all just a dream.
Genre:  Hidden Object