Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy 

 Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy
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Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy Stats
  • Transcend space and time in this startling Hidden Object mystery.
  • Explore Columbus' forgotten galleon and a deserted village to resolve a strange curse.
  • Search for clues, use handy items, and solve enigmatic puzzles.
  • Customize your experience by toggling scrolling scenes on or off.
  • Find out why the ship does not suffer from the ravages of time.

Game Description

Discover the ghostly secrets a 500 year-old galleon holds in Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy, a stirring seek-and-find mystery.

Virginia and Professor MacNara come upon an ancient ship on the beach of a deserted village. The galleon belonged to Christopher Columbus and was thought to have simply vanished, but it looks as if it was abandoned only yesterday. A curse is said to accompany the ship and immediately strikes as Professor MacNara is found dead. Now Virginia must pierce the veil of this mysterious vessel to figure out what happened.

Walk in Virginia's footsteps and find answers to this mystical puzzle. Explore Columbus' forgotten ship and the nearby deserted village searching for clues about the Professor's death and those of previous researchers. Transcend space and time locating clues, using handy items, and solving enigmatic puzzles. What happened to the crew, the village, the researchers, and why does the ship not suffer from the ravages of time?

Find out when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy today!
Genre:  Hidden Object