Amazing Heists™ - Dillinger 

 Amazing Heists™ - Dillinger
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Amazing Heists™ - Dillinger Stats
  • Relive the adventures of John Dillinger and his gang
  • Search for hidden objects in 12 unique locations
  • Select your gang members and improve your odds
  • Uncover a variety of special bonus hidden items
  • Gorgeous graphics and a superb soundtrack

Game Description

Step into the shoes of one of America's most notorious bank robbers in Amazing Heists - Dillinger, a thrilling hidden object game that's so much fun, it's criminal!

As ruthless mastermind John Dillinger, it's up to you to plan and carry out a daring series of bank robberies. Select your gang members, carefully case each bank, bust open the vault, and steal the loot! Each exciting caper contains a variety of hidden object challenges, original puzzles to solve, unique mini-games, and special bonus items to find. And, with new items to find each time you play, you'll want to return to the scene of the crime again and again!

Critics say Amazing Heists - Dillinger is, "a bit like Dillinger himself: undeniably charming," and fans love it too. Featuring 12 locations to explore, historic scenes, and lively characters, Amazing Heists - Dillinger is a wild ride through one of America's most colorful periods.

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Genre:  Hidden Object